Enhancing Your Association’s Learning Experience: Integrating 5 Essential Association LMS Features

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Integrating 5 Essential Associations LMS Features

Members of associations are always on the run to catch up with the fast-paced industry trends and associations facilitate it by providing an easy-to-adapt learning environment to their members. Associations need to make consistent efforts to engage their members to satiate their needs.

So what does your association offer to your members to make them feel the usefulness of their membership while assisting them in growing their career and marketability?

The answer is quite easy- Education! Your association can provide members with professional development opportunities using an Association LMS.

The Associations LMS will help your association create and share courses and provide certifications to your members to stay ahead of the competition.But what are the main elements you require in an LMS for your association? Let’s dive right into them!

1. Customize Courses Using Course Authoring

When the members of your association take on your courses, that’s when they are useful! While choosing an Association LMS, choose the one that allows your staff to customize and create courses within the LMS itself.

This ensures that your course content is stored safely and will be showcased in a captivating and coherent way.

Look if these things are available in the course authoring:

  • Videos and images for adding visual content
  • Game-based components within the courses for learning 
  • Easy and interactive drag-and-drop functionality

Creating the courses using LMS for Associations while maintaining the user experience leads to more user retention and attendance in your courses.

2. Allow Interactions & Social Learnin

The interactions give opportunities to the learners to share ideas, knowledge, and ask questions from others. This stays true from elementary school to continuing education in your career!

You need to choose an LMS that encourages both your staff and students to take part in the learning community.

Don’t know how to incorporate social learning into your courses using LMS features? Follow these steps:

  • Add a discussion forum just after the assignment, so that the learners can ask questions, share answers, or give feedback to both instructors and other learners.
  • Host a facilitated live chat with a subject matter expert for the learners to ask questions directly in real time.
  • Give peer-to-peer tasks to the learners so that they can gain information and show critical thinking towards other learners’s works.

It is crucial to select an LMS that will help implement social learning strategies as it will lead to the success of your association.

3. Add Assessment and Analysis in Your Courses

To analyze your members’ learning capacity and fulfill accreditation needs, adding tests or quizzes is necessary. When selecting an LMS for your association, both parts of the assessment process need to be considered.


Writing a test covers many things like the questions should cover all the units of the course, and discrete difficulty levels, including multiple choice type questions.

staff to create tests easily and thoroughly

Find an option that enables you to create a question bank, add new questions straight to the software, and tag old questions with varied qualifiers.


Although it’s sometimes overlooked, the second half of making assessments is just as crucial. To create the future’s most useful assessments, you must be able to examine your questions, your students’ test outcomes, and more.

You should be able to analyze exam results in the following ways, for example:

  • Analysis of quiz and test questions using psychometrics.
  • The percentage of accurate responses per question or segment.
  • Averages for all tests and courses.

With this, you’ll be able to make future assessments that are better and recognize the areas of the course where you might want to take your time. Analysis results in data-driven decisions, which eventually will strengthen your association.

4. Offer External Credit Claiming to Your Members

Ensure that your association permits and encourages members to take advantage of other possibilities while still being a member as your association won’t be able to give every single learning experience that a member needs or desires.

Members desire to continue their education, not just take online classes. In addition, they want to:

  • Watch live webinars and take part in them.
  • Attend conferences held by associations other than yours.
  • Participate in additional educational activities.

They also want to be recognized for the knowledge they have acquired when they do so.

The ability for members to track all of their education with your association by entering credits acquired elsewhere into your LMS is very crucial. They want to be able to do this both at the beginning of their membership with you and at any time after that.

This allows your members to enter their experience and the type of credit they wish to receive (depending on their field of work or the event they attended), and your LMS will then record it on their transcript or record.

5. Implement Adaptive Learning in Your LMS

Since every member-student is unique, you should be able to provide everyone with a customized educational experience.

You can ensure that participants have the greatest experience possible when selecting and finishing courses by using adaptive learning technologies. You can market various classes to members using an adjustable LMS based on:

  • Trade or industry
  • Accomplished coursework from the past
  • Interest indications
  • Status as a mentor or mentee

In this manner, your members learn more about all the fantastic courses your LMS has to offer while also being introduced to the subjects that are most useful or pertinent for coursework.


In conclusion, for associations looking to provide valuable educational experiences through the Learning Management System for Associations, incorporating these five essential elements is paramount. Firstly, customization through course authoring ensures engaging content delivery. Secondly, fostering interactions and social learning builds a thriving learning community. Third, incorporating assessments and analysis aids in tracking progress and enhancing future courses. Fourth, offering external credit claims accommodates diverse learning experiences.

Finally, implementing adaptive learning tailors education to each member’s unique needs. By embracing these elements, associations can empower their members to thrive in their careers, stay ahead of industry trends, and truly appreciate the benefits of their membership. We at MapleLMS will help your association implement these elements through our Association LMS in no time! Book a demo now!