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Higher Education institutes focus on the development of professional skills for their students and continuing learning of their faculty to drive institutional excellence and achievements. Timely delivery of training on emerging technologies, policies and compliances are essential for staff and faculty members.  Learning management system in higher education encourages gamified learning for skill set development of students, researchers, teaching staff, and allied staff within a university or higher education institution. With the best LMS for higher education, it becomes easier to deliver a centralized, secure, and flexible learning environment to students and professionals. This allows them to learn and get empowered for the professional skills they require in future to shape their careers.

Role-based Learning
Higher education LMS auto-assigns and enrolls university students, faculty members, leaders, and communities, into courses based on their roles, subjects opted, and projects.
Evaluative Experience
The AI-proctoring feature allows universities and higher education institutions to recruit and assess the skills of job applicants, conduct entrance tests for students, and conduct semester exams in a cheating-free environment.
Secure & Scalable
MapleLMS is a robust and highly scalable learning management system in higher education that can accommodate thousands of users across locations and time zones. SAML and Auth 2.0 protocols are there to ensure data integrity.
Education for All
MapleLMS makes learning possible for everyone within a higher education institution. Students and staff can learn from anywhere at their convenience. Accessibility is available for specially-abled learners to help them learn on the LMS platform.


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Features & Benefits of Higher Education LMS

Easy Integrations

MapleLMS is a cloud-based learning management system for higher education. It can easily integrate with CRMs (Salesforce and Zoho), ERPs, SIS, HRMS, AMS, etc. University users are on-boarded to the LMS without any additional cost. Automatic class rosters and grades update in the SIS reduces manual efforts and errors by the staff.

Tracking and Management

With the best LMS for higher education, you can generate automated reports, analyze them, and visualize the learning performance of university students and staff. Salesforce integration enhances the reporting capabilities a step further by sending the reports to leadership roles, and department heads.

Personalized Learning On-the-Go

MapleLMS offers you learning data and analytics of each student and gives you the flexibility to design a learning path. The same goes for faculty members and other staff for their professional growth. Students and staff can access both instructor-led and self-paced courses, round-the-clock at their convenience. Their attendance and performance are also easily measured.

Online Exam, AI Proctoring, Certificates

Higher education institutions such as university and educational associations can schedule, assign, and conduct AI-proctored online exams for students and staff. AI proctoring with Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, IP Blocker, Face Recognition, Browser Blocker, etc. ensures exam probity by reporting every incidence. Certificates are auto-generated with the university's logo and branding upon successful course completion.