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LMS for Customer Service and Support Training

Customer service and support is an integral part of any business. Trained customer support teams are well equipped to enhance the presentation, productivity, and performance for meeting customers’ demands and resolving their queries. Customer support and service training enables your support agents to confidently represent your brand, perform dispute resolutions, manage time and stress, and attain the technical know-how of products and processes. With MapleLMS service and support training platform you can help your teams offer better after-sales experience to customers. This eventually contributes to the accounts’ growth, and improves customer engagement, retention, and loyalty.



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What are the Takeaways from a Service and Support Training LMS?

Automated Process

Our innovative LMS integration system will effectively help you in automating repetitive tasks. Get hassle-free administration for your employee training and development where you can automatically grade tests with assignments.


Effortlessly track trainees’ course completions and assignments, view & analyze the stages of course completion. Send reminders to your employees for finishing the assignments timely.

How does Customer Service and Support Training Help?

Readily-available Knowledge Base

Our customer service and support training platform doubles up as a knowledge base for your support teams. They can dive in anytime to ask for help, and get answers to customer queries without any hassle.

Out-of-the-box Integrations

Apart from popular CRMs, ERPs, AMS/EMS, HRIS, etc., MapleLMS has out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce. This ensures customer facing teams have centralized access to the learning content .

Gamified Learning

MapleLMS gamified learning is specifically designed to motivate and inspire users through badges, points, leaderboards, etc. With the help of gamification, online training can become more powerful and useful for your support and service teams.

Tracking Reports and Analytics

MapleLMS has advanced reporting and analytics features that clearly show visuals on the learning patterns and progress of your customer support staff. The reports and analytics help you learn their learning habits and where they need help.