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Businesses are transforming at a lightning speed nowadays so are the learning and development requirements of employees and stakeholders. They must have surety that their workforces have the necessary training for running the business smoothly. For effective training delivery for eCommerce staff, an eCommerce LMS is the best fit. A dedicated LMS with an eCommerce module helps organizations build exclusive course content that is quite simple to consume and administer. Integration capabilities with Shopify make MapleLMS the perfect eCommerce training LMS. You can build catalogs, a storefront, have payment gateways, and a lot more to sell your products and online courses without much hassle.

Ecommerce Training


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What are the Takeaways from eCommerce LMS Training?

Automated Process

Our innovative LMS integration system will effectively help you in automating repetitive tasks. Get hassle-free administration for your employee training and development where you can automatically grade tests with assignments.


Effortlessly track trainees’ course completions and assignments, view & analyze the stages of course completion. Send reminders to your employees for finishing the assignments timely.

How does MapleLMS eCommerce LMS Training help?

On-the-go Learning

MapleLMS frees your team from the worries relating to “where,” “when” and "how" the training is delivered. They can continue training from anywhere across the globe at their convenience.

On-time Report Tracking

MapleLMS enables you get employees' training data, reports and analytics on time. Schedule the reports and they are delivered to the respective stakeholders at regular intervals.

Seamless Application Integration

You can connect the eCommerce LMS training platform with third-party applications like CRMs, (Zoho and Salesforce), AMS/EMS, HRMS, SIS, etc. and get synchronized learning data. Learners get to access LMS content from the LMS or the connected applications right away.


Gamification in the LMS eCommerce platform ensures an engaged, motivated, and interactive learning experience for your employees. They learn and enhance their skills while earning badges, certificates, leaderboards, and grow professionally to meet their goals.

Offline Learning

Our Learning Management System (LMS) provides intelligent and adaptive learning paths. Learners can access the training content even at places with no network connectivity to learn without any interruption.

Built-in eCommerce Module

MapleLMS comes with an in-built eCommerce module that enables seamlessly selling courses, event registrations, expert-led sessions, etc. using payment gateways, shopping carts, and catalogs.