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K12 LMS for Schools

Kindergarten to 12 Grade students are completely different from that of college and university students. Young students need engaging, playful, and interactive learning programs to keep them involved and retain the knowledge. A top K12 LMS brings the entire K-12 community together on a single gamified platform. Students, teachers, coaches, parents, and administrators get personalized experience on this LMS for K-12. MapleLMS is among the best options for schools that ensures course enrollments for students and teachers based on projects, subjects, and roles for inclusive learning and development. The LMS enables online learning, AI-proctored assessment, grading, certificate auto-generations, etc. without requiring any technical expertise.

Role-based Training
Starting from students, parents, teachers, leaders and K-12 communities, an LMS for K-12 schools, allows quick course creation and auto-assignment based on projects, subjects, and roles of the user. Students’ and teachers' learning progress can also be easily accessed and monitored.
Evaluative Experience
Online exam and AI-proctoring tools ensure exam probity during online exams, such as pre-hiring tests to recruit teachers and staff, performance assessment of teachers and staff, and entrance exams for admission and semester exams for assessment of students.
Secure and Scalable
MapleLMS is the most secure and best LMS for schools. It can be scaled up or down to meet different needs of a K-12 institution across locations and time zones. The online exam platform can accommodate 100000 candidates simultaneously.
Learn with Fun
Gamification ensures that K-12 students learn with fun using the LMS. Interactive learning with gamified challenges, simulations, and rewards in the form of badges, leaderboards, and certificates encourage students and employees to continue learning.


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Features & Benefits of LMS for K-12

Learn Anywhere

Students have the facility to attend instructor-led classes from anywhere and can access the recorded sessions for support. MapleLMS has a responsive design to smoothly work on all supported devices 24X7 so that K-12 students and teachers can access it with ease.

Communication & Inclusive Education

MapleLMS for K-12 institutions promotes an inclusive platform for every student and institute staff. It supports learning for specially-abled users and makes education accessible to all. The K-12 LMS requires no special IT skills for users to manage it.

Personalized Learning, Exams, Certification

MapleLMS offers role-based course personalization for K-12 staff and encourages them to attain their career goals. Students also get project or subject based learning path suggestions from the LMS. The LMS conducts proctored exams and delivers personalized auto-generated certificates upon course completion.

Easy Onboarding and Tracking

The LMS for K 12 helps you smoothly onboard the users without any extra cost. You get to monitor the performance of your staff & students, assess their performance, and award certificates all using a single solution. The automated reporting system will provide leaders and teachers with timely reports on training progress.