How Remote Proctoring is Revolutionizing Tests and Exams?

When Learning and Development (L&D) is widely delivered through online learning management solutions in these unprecedented times, how can tests and exams be left unnoticed? Online assessment is equally important for continuing education as a learning management system (LMS) is. Because learning without tests and exams is incomplete. Learners’ performance can’t be measured at the end of a course or session without online assessment, and remote assessment can’t be conducted with utmost probity without remote proctoring exams. Online or remote proctoring means conducting AI-proctored assessments just like the in-person exams but without leaving the own confines. So, let’s see how remote proctoring is bringing a new edge to exams and tests. Stay tuned!

How Do Online Proctored Exams Work?

AI proctoring or online proctoring is used for ensuring a cheating-free exam for organizations to assess their workforce after online learning and training courses. During such proctored online exams, AI technology, and a certified human proctor play a crucial role in invigilating the remote exams by keeping an eye on the candidates.

  • Automated proctoring:
  •      The AI-enabled proctoring tool monitors the audio and video inputs available at the       candidates’ side as well as the candidates’ screen to keep a tab of any malicious       activities. Face logging, face and voice recognition, etc. are done to strengthen the       practice. In case the AI proctoring tool flags any dubious activity then the human       proctor reviews it to confirm.
  • Live Online Proctoring:
  •       A human proctor using online webcam proctoring observes the candidates in real-time       throughout the test. The proctor might survey the candidates’ surroundings before the       exam and also verify the identification and authenticate the candidates for the exam.       The screen sharing is also enabled to keep a tab on the on-screen activities.
  • Review the Recorded Proctoring Sessions:
  •       The entire exam session is recorded and the recording is reviewed after the exam is       over. Apart from that these videos are saved for future audits of the proctoring       organization.

How Proctoring is Revolutionizing Tests and Exams?

Earlier candidates used to appear for online proctored exams at test centers for earning a specific certificate required for their job role or educational goals. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everything is disrupted, and more organizations are opting for remotely proctored tests and exams. In place of in-center exams, remotely proctored exams are taking the front seat without compromising the probity of the tests. The candidates need to have exam registration, a stable internet connection, and a compatible device to take up the exam in a quiet corner of the home or office.

Through these AI-proctored exams, organizations can do the following tasks:
  • Communicate with the candidate in real-time
  • Control the exam browser and computer screen to prevent cheating.
  • Remotely verify the candidates’ identities and check the surroundings.
  • Live stream the candidates’ view for authenticating the identity through online web       proctoring
Just like the in-person exams, remotely proctored exams are secure with AI-proctoring as AI and human proctors watch every move of the candidates to prevent cheating. The candidates’ browser, screen, search engines, any websites, external devices are locked throughout the exam. The AI tool can even track eye movements and facial expressions to determine any suspicious behavior by the candidates and flash warning messages. Now, candidates can appear from anywhere across the globe and earn certificates for their career development in one go. These tools also offer exam data reporting and analytics for actionable insights in the future to enhance the exam experience. Your search for a robust proctoring tool ends here with the MapleLMS Online Exam Proctoring tool. Explore MapleLMS to know more about remote proctoring.

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