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Digital transformation is driving every business to match with the current trend and technology companies being the heart of this transformation can’t lie low. Technology companies need a robust learning management system (LMS) that can push their product and services to customers only after successful employee training. Technology evolves faster and so does the need of a technology company to train its workforce. MapleLMS technology training platform is an effective LMS for the information technology training requirements. A centralized training delivery ecosystem that allows learning on the go on any device.

Easy Onboarding
MapleLMS technology training LMS conducts pre-hiring assessment and training assessment for new hires. The LMS enables role-based auto-assignment of courses right after onboarding, reducing load on the HR department.
MapleLMS has Auth 2.0 and SAML security protocols for a secured technology training environment from development to production and support teams.
Technology Integration
MapleLMS integrates with CRM (Salesforce and Zoho), ERP, HRMS, SIS, AMS, etc., for a connected and two-way synchronized technology training environment.
AI-proctoring for Certification
Technology training, especially from IT organizations offering global certifications (Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, etc.) need AI-proctoring, along with post-training assessment tests for cheating-free exams.


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Features & Benefits

Learn from Anywhere

Information technology training can be accessible to learners deployed across projects, locations, and time zones. They can learn from any preferred supported digital device and continue to learn offline (using the mobile app).

Role-based Training

MapleLMS enables you to seamlessly allocate, track, and monitor the learning progress of different groups of employees. From developers to partners, consultants, HR, everyone is assigned to courses specific to their roles.

Tech-focused Training

MapleLMS has the latest tools in the technology training segment. With technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) in place, your IT team is never going to miss the latest skills training. From pre-hiring to onboarding and post-training assessment, learners get the best learning experience to keep up the pace with their counterparts. They even can access the LMS offline to continue learning. Easy course updating is supported to match with the latest development in the IT industry.

Highly Secure

MapleLMS IT training platform comes with top-notch security protocols for a secure learning environment. Apart from that, the AI-proctoring tool and assessment tool have strict authentication policies, browser locking, face or no-face recognition, voice recognition, external drive detection capabilities to prevent cheating during online exams and performance assessment tests. Learning data gets encrypted before being stored or shared with managers or decision-makers.

Tracking and Reporting

An automated reporting system is crucial for your IT training program, where you can see learners' performance and progress. MapleLMS technology training environment offers an integrated analytics tool to track their learning patterns and understand the outcomes. Managers will get timely reports on IT staffs' training progress.

Gamified Learning Experience

Development is a critical practice in the IT industry and learners often get fatigued to continue learning. Gamification ensures that learners stay engaged and motivated throughout the course as they learn with fun and earn rewards. Points, credits, certificates, leaderboards, etc. keep them involved and stay longer with the organization.


By providing a centralized platform for the creation, delivery, and tracking of training materials, MapleLMS simplifies technology training. In order to ensure employees have the skills they require, it enables companies to provide a broad range of tech-related courses, from coding and software development to cybersecurity and artificial intelligence.

Features like content authoring, video integration, coding exercises, assessments, certification tracking, and the capacity to tailor training paths to the specific needs of technology professionals should all be included in an LMS technology software.MapleLMS have all these features and even more!

By providing opportunities for ongoing learning, a well-executed LMS training platform can increase employee satisfaction and retention rates. Additionally, it increases your company’s appeal to tech talent because potential hires acknowledge companies that support their professional growth.

Data security is important, indeed. Depending on your unique needs, MapleLMS provides strong security features like data encryption, user access controls, and compliance with industry standards like GDPR and HIPAA.

The MapleLMS’s data analytics and reporting tools can be used to evaluate the efficacy of technology training. With the help of these tools, which can monitor quiz results, learner progress, course completion, and more, you can enhance your training initiatives with data-driven decisions.

Certainly. Technology companies can offer training for global or remote teams through the MapleLMS platform, which is perfect for remote and hybrid training scenarios. The platform offers self-paced learning options and real-time virtual classrooms.