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Our Products

Why MapleLMS?

Our clients count upon us for their smart learning needs.

MapleLMS the new age Learning Management System
Our core business is to create compelling products for organizations who understand the importance of eLearning, learning, and development. Our products are futuristic and innovative that helps in providing the best enterprise training & development solutions. The product palette combines MapleLMS with Salesforce LMS Integration, Content Authoring Tool, Online Exam tool, and AI Proctoring tool. These products are packaged together to give the world’s most potent Learning & Development solutions. Additionally, they can also function as standalones. Our product portfolio boosts up learning & development, enhance employee performance & job satisfaction, eventually decrease attrition rates & augment customer satisfaction and retention.
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MapleLMS Features

Find all the enhanced features as per your need. MapleLMS offers excellent features to boost each phase of your training.

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

With MapleLMS, you don’t have to worry about the “when”, “where”, and “how” the trainings are imparted and experienced.

Adaptive Learning

Intelligent machine learning that customize itself to the learner based on their progress through course content and presents supportive resources to them as and when they require.

Special Needs Support

Learners with Special needs such as visually impaired candidates get easy accessibility features and controls to learn at the same pace as anyone else

Offline Learning

Intelligent and adaptive system. Enabling learning even without internet.

Easy Integrations

Quick integration with any of your existing CRMs like Salesforce, Zoho, etc. API based integration with any of your SIS, ERPs, HRIMS.

Tracking and Reporting

Automated reporting with integrated analytics help you track learning patterns, track probity of exams and understand your learning outcomes.

MapleLMS Case Studies

Meet the organizations and active users who have trust on MapleLMS. Contact us to see what type of solutions we can deploy for your businesses!

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