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Non-profit organizations require an efficient learning management system with pre-employment skill assessment system at an equal or greater scale of needs as compared to their profit counterparts. With a diverse and dispersed audience to train, such as employees, volunteers, donors, board members, people with special needs, visually impaired, etc., a reliable system is required. You work for the social cause and have stories to share, instil motivation among volunteers, training for employees and education content to be imparted to the needy methodically. MapleLMS is a platform that can manage your learning & developments goals within tight timelines and minimum budget and resources.
Easy to Use
With MapleLMS, you get relieved of training management hassles. You can deliver training to every group within your learning & development sphere without using your specialized in-house team and without any budget expansions.
Simple yet Powerful
MapleLMS & MapleExam are fully loaded powerful tools that comes on budgeted prices to be your best buy. You can easily create, assign & manage trainings by role, monitor progress, recruit with blind screening and can use gamification for your social learning goals to create fellowship around the cause.
Popular Solution
Are you familiar with USAID and Master Card Foundation-funded Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI)? This program uses our platform for skill development across Africa.


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Features & Benefits

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Non- Profits have a different constituent group with varying needs for training. Employees, volunteers, learners with special needs, visually impaired, board members, etc. have their specific training needs, have different skill levels, have other devices to access the training and can be in different time zones. With MapleLMS, you don’t have to worry about the “when”, “where”, and “how” the trainings are imparted and experienced.

High Revenue, Less Efforts

By using MapleLMS, an online learning management system, your employees and volunteers across the world can be easily trained on the cause with minimal efforts. These groups can be put on easily created yet impactful courses and programs on how to increase awareness amongst people to raise higher donations for the social cause eventually.

No Special Technical Skills Required

Groups and users with limited understanding of technical applications usage can also quickly complete and create courses, exams, training, using MapleLMS that provides crisp, vernacular, graphical and interactive training programs for the engaging audience to maximize participation.

Targeted Courses for Non-profits

MapleLMS gives you the freedom to choose from its frequently updated rich content repository to improve skills of constituent groups of the audience in a non--profit ecosystem. Crisp, impactful, video-based courses and AI Proctored skills assessment and exams for recruitment and blind screening, hard and soft skills training, mentorship and project management, Alumni programs, etc.

Online Exam and AI Proctoring

MapleExam is our Online Exam and AI Proctoring tool that helps the L&D team, HR & Recruitment team, to improve the ongoing activities like training employees and new staff hiring and proctoring of other skills such as technical, Program Management, Social Work, etc. to create knowledge repository and improvise conceptual knowledge through real-time monitoring and tracking.

No-Cost Onboarding and Easy Integrations

MapleLMS is implemented in no time and your content whether in physical form or on other applications are brought on to our LMS without any cost. Connectors and API based easy integration with any of your existing CRMs like Salesforce, Zoho, AMS/EMS, HRIS, ERPs, etc.