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Nonprofits have a wide range of roles from employees to board members, volunteers, donors, including people with special needs. Meeting the training requirements for such a diverse audience is a challenge. MapleLMS empowers nonprofits training by delivering role-based LMS training content for every stakeholder within the organization. This is a Salesforce LMS for nonprofits training that helps nonprofits achieve their social cause goals. Smart learning technology tools like gamificationAI-proctoring, online assessments, and pre-hiring assessment helps nonprofits get the best people on board without crashing the budget or requiring more resources.

Easy to Use
MapleLMS nonprofit training platform needs no technical expertise to manage or deliver training. The intuitive LMS interface is easy to use by administrators, instructors, and learners alike.
Simple yet Powerful
MapleLMS learning tools enable you to easily create, assign, and manage role-based training, monitor progress, install AI-proctoring, and use gamification to meet social learning goals and create fellowship around the cause.
Popular Solution
Are you familiar with USAID and MasterCard Foundation-funded Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI)? We help them with skill development across Africa.


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Features & Benefits of LMS for Nonprofits

Train On the Go

Nonprofits have employees and volunteers who often are on the ground and are always moving. MapleLMS mobile app enables them to learn even when there is no network connectivity.

Better Revenue Generation

Train employees and volunteers online at any time across the globe. You can quickly create awareness among people to raise higher donations for the social cause with fundraising using MapleLMS.

No Technical Expertise Needed

Groups and users including volunteers with minimal technical knowhow can easily use MapleLMS nonprofits training platform. Create courses, exams, and training with ease using our SCORM compliant content authoring tool.

Nonprofits-focused Courses

LMS for nonprofits training is challenging but our enriched course repository helps you constantly update the courses, and deliver mentorship, project management, alumni programs, and role-based skill development programs.

Online Exam and AI Proctoring

MapleExam Online Exam and AI Proctoring tools help the L&D and HR departments in pre-hiring assessment and onboarding new staff and volunteers. Real-time monitoring and tracking ensures cheating-free assessments to hire the right candidates.

No-Cost Onboarding

MapleLMS is a cloud-based nonprofits LMS that can be implemented quickly. It has integration capabilities with top CRMs (Salesforce and Zoho), ERPs, HRMSs, SIS, and conferences for an enhanced user experience right from onboarding to helping people on the ground.