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sales training Sales Training

Sales training is an essential key to success for the organizations across the globe. The organists ions are continually investing in sales training to beat-up sales targets faster. However, salespeople still feel pressure while making any sale or closing any deal. The buyers are smart, and markets are in-depth diversified. The crucial key point is that sales professionals know how to and whom to sell the specified product or service. Salespeople require highly effectual, periodic sales training covering insights and knowledge to close deals and upsell to maintain continuity in business. With MapleLMS, get the best sales training that will eventually inspire, motivate, and educate your team more.

sales training


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What do you gain?

Automated Process

Our innovative LMS integration system will effectively help you in automating repetitive tasks. Get hassle-free administration for your employee training and development where you can automatically grade tests with assignments.


Effortlessly track trainees’ course completions and assignments, view & analyze the stages of course completion. Send reminders to your employees for finishing the assignments timely.

How can MapleLMS support Sales Training Programs?

Learn Anywhere, Anytime & on Any Device

Our sales management training program will assist you in delivering impactful training to your staff. With MapleLMS, you do not have to worry about “where,” “when” and how the trainings are imparted.

Gamified Learning

MapleLMS gamified learning is specifically designed to motivate and inspire user through badges, points, etc. With the help of gamification online sales training can become more engaging for your sales team.

Easy Integrations

Simply connect your training platform to the existing CRMs like Zoho, Salesforce; SIS, AMS/EMS, HRMS, etc.

Effortless Content Authoring

Import the content in several formats covering audio, video files, reference files, SCORM files and PowerPoint presentations seamlessly. Securely export content for sharing and storing.