Key Features

MapleLMS has compelling and differentiating attributes to meet all your learning & development needs.

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

With MapleLMS, you don’t have to worry about the “when”, “where”, and “how” the trainings are imparted and experienced.

Online Exam and AI Proctoring

Online Exam and AI Proctoring help organizations and education institutions to create, schedule and assign exams to Learners. You don’t have to worry about the Proctoring, that is AI enabled and every movement is logged.

Highly Secure

Content repository and authentication details are secured using a hardware firewall. HTTPS along with private certificate, latest encryption algorithms and authentications are used for data transmission.

Tracking and Reporting

Automated reporting with integrated analytics help you track learning patterns, track probity of exams and understand your learning outcomes.

Targeted Courses

MapleLMS gives you the freedom to choose from its constantly updated rich content repository to improve skills of targeted groups of audience.

No-Cost Onboarding

MapleLMS is implemented in no time & without any involvement of your IT team. Your existing content in any form and system is brought on to our LMS without any cost.

Easy Integrations

Connectors and API based quick integration with any of your existing CRMs like Salesforce, Zoho, SIS, AMS/EMS, HRIS, etc.

Gamified Learning Experience

Maximize enjoyment and engagement by incorporating students' interests and encouraging them to continue learning. Easily give rewards such as certificates, badges, or points.

Compliance Management

Leverage courses & content on latest standards, best practices and rules for imparting impactful compliance trainings

Personalized Learning

Customize the education journey of each learner. Leverage data and analytics to design a personalized learning path of each learner.

Adaptive Learning

Intelligent machine learning that customize itself to the learner based on their progress through course content and presents supportive resources to them as and when they require.

Offline Learning

Intelligent and adaptive system. Enabling learning even without internet.


Interactive whiteboard feature for heightened learning and engagement.


Flexibility to customize our products with your branding guidelines.

Admission Portal

Live and interactive admission portal with round the clock support.


Communicate & Collaborate with Community, forums, enhancing social learning.

Polls & Survey

Leverage interactive features to augment engagement amongst learners.

Virtual Class Room

Reach out to a wider learner-base at a lower cost but also enable learners and instructors to connect and interact with each other in real time.

Special Needs Support

Learners with Special needs such as visually impaired candidates get easy accessibility features and controls to learn at the same pace as anyone else

Quiz & Exams

Built in Quiz/Assessment engine for periodical exams & skill assessment. Create, schedule, assign and proctor exams remotely and effectively.

Content Management

Design & Create, Store, Export, Import content, courses, tests, quizzes, etc. Create short concept videos, send audio messages on Forums & communities and collaborate through mobiles anytime, anywhere.


Alumni Management System. Maintain Alumni data and provide a platform where Alumni can view & participate in the progress of an institution by references & donations.