Live Training

Live Training

Zoom, GoToMeeting, or Microsoft Teams our LMS scales your training delivery through webinars and virtual meetings seamlessly.

Webinars and Meetings

Bringing Learning to Life!

LMS integration with webinar and meeting applications (Zoom, GoTo Meeting, and Microsoft Teams) ensures live training is accessible and recorded for future reference for all learners. It provides a convenient and interactive way for learners and instructors to engage in real-time, even when they are in different locations.

Schedule Present Record Feedback

Create and Schedule

The instructor schedules a webinar or meeting in the LMS, specifying the date, time, duration, and topic of the session. The LMS sends out invitations to all learners enrolled in the course, along with the webinar link to join the session, the agenda, and any pre-work required.

Allow Access to Session and Present

Learners can access the live webinar on the designated date and time from the link they have received by email from the LMS platform. They can interact with the instructor during the presentation using audio, video, or chat, whatever you’ve set as default.

Encourage Engagement

During the live webinar, the instructor can use polls, breakout rooms, and quizzes to engage learners during the session. Learners can ask questions and participate in discussions using the chat feature.


The instructor or webinar organizer can record the session for future reference. The recording gets auto-saved in the LMS and is accessible to learners who could not attend the live session.

Feedback and Assessment

After the session, the instructor can use the LMS to gather feedback from learners on the session's effectiveness and track attendance or participation for grading or assessment purposes.

Synchronous Training

Blended Learning at its Best!

Synchronous training in an LMS provides a dynamic and engaging way to deliver high-quality live (online or in-person) training and instruction to learners, regardless of their location. Synchronous training involves video conferencing, live webcasting, live streaming, audio conferencing, and instant messaging to deliver a session.

Real-time Engagement Assessment Motivation

Setup the Training

Schedule and conduct the synchronous training sessions so that learners get to interact with the instructors right away. Conducting live training sessions, such as boot camps is easy with synchronous training.

Join the Virtual Classroom

Learners and instructors join the virtual classroom or boot camp using the Zoom or Microsoft Teams URL shared with them using the LMS. Interactive training is delivered by the instructors using video, screen sharing, chats, whiteboards, breakout rooms, and the session.

Engage and Monitor Participants

The instructor can engage learners during the session, using polls, quizzes, breakout rooms, raffles, and other interactive activities. The LMS helps them to monitor participant engagement, track attendance, and check for understanding.

Collect Feedback

Use the LMS to gather feedback from learners on the session's effectiveness, and assess learner performance through quizzes, tests, surveys, or other modes of assessment.

Archive the Session

Recordings of the synchronous training session get auto-saved in the LMS for future reference, review, or for participants who were unable to attend the live session.

Live Training

Power-up Instructor-Led Training!

Live Training in an LMS provides learners with a flexible and interactive way to participate in real-time sessions. It also allows instructors to reach a wider audience and create a more engaging learning experience.

Instructor-Led Training Live Sessions Q&A Sessions

Virtual Classroom

The LMS provides a virtual classroom environment using video conferencing tools, such as Zoom or MS Teams, where learners can attend live sessions. Chat, whiteboard, and screen sharing are also included in the sessions.

Schedule and Track Notification

Instructors can schedule live training using the LMS and learners attend these sessions using the link from the LMS. The LMS sends notifications to learners about upcoming live training sessions they have signed up for or assigned to by their instructors or admins.

Attendance and Activity Tracking

Live training allows real-time interaction between learners and instructors, including questions and answers, polls, and group discussions. The LMS tracks attendance for each live training session and records attendance in the learner's transcript.

Auto-Save Recording

The LMS stores all the session recordings so that learners who missed the session, or attendees who want to review the session later can watch the recording.

Instructor-led Training (ILT)

Lead Training with the Experts!

The LMS helps instructors to streamline and manage the ILT process, enhance the learning experience for learners, and provide valuable analytics for continuous improvement.

Train Certify Analyze

Schedule Sessions

An LMS can allow instructors to schedule ILT sessions, set class sizes, and manage attendance for the learners.

Resource Management

Instructors can upload course materials, such as presentations, videos, PDFs, documents, assignments, and handouts, to the LMS. Learners can access these resources after the ILT session.

Notify Enrolled Learners

The LMS facilitates communication between instructors and learners through messaging, announcements, and discussion forums. Instructors enroll learners in the appropriate ILT sessions and track their attendance.

Assessment, Grading, and Certification

Instructors can create assessments to grade learners based on their performance in the ILT sessions. The LMS issues certifications to learners who successfully complete the ILT sessions and assessments.


Instructors can track the learners' progress, identify knowledge gaps, and adjust the ILT session content to enhance future learning experiences.