Learning Management System

Achieve all your trainings and certification goals One-stop solution for Trainings, Assessments, Proctoring, Courses, Non Dues Revenue and Virtual Events

MapleLMS Training Tool Suite Motivates Learning and Growth

  • dashboard
    Reports & Dashboards
    50+ pre-configured reports and unlimited custom reports. Real-time analytics and dashboards.
  • dock
    White-labeled and Mobile Apps
    The system can soak in your branding. Plus, custom branded mobile apps can be hosted on AppStore/PlayStore.
  • subject
    Content Authoring
    Supports multimedia, eBooks, SCORM, xAPI, AICC. You can create, import and export content.
  • verified_user
    Online Assessment
    Pre-hiring and Competency Assessment, Certification Exams of 100K candidates simultaneously.
  • wb_cloudy
    Salesforce Compatible
    Access all your LMS data on Salesforce dashboard.
  • shopping_cart
    Sell your courses, trainings, events. Support Coupons, promo codes and sales Auto-commissioning.
  • support_agent
    24*7support, dedicated a/c manager, free managed services, unlimited cloud hosting.

What do you gain?

Revenue Generation

  • card_membership Sell Certification programs training, etc.
  • shopping_cartLeverage built-in ecommerce module
  • sellSub license White-labeled LMS

Continuing Education

  • book_onlineLearners have self-service powers to check credits earned, scores, etc.
  • mailEmail support to learners.
  • redeemCredit claims processing and Auto-generation of certificates post activities.
  • play_lessonMultimedia Content Support.

Powerful Integrations

  • multiple_stop Fully integrated with any system of records.
  • vpn_lock Single Sign On with 3rd party systems and your website.
  • repeat 30+ Integration with Salesforce®, Fonteva, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Microsoft® Teams, etc.

Anywhere. Anytime. Any device

  • desktop_access_disabled Accessible in both Online and Offline modes.
  • volume_up Live and On demand traings can be accessed and managed with ease by non –technical users.
  • devicesTrainings can be accessed on the go, in any time zone and on any size of screen.


  • bookmarks Engaging Personalized Badges
  • credit_score Multiple Credits Types
  • military_tech Rewards / Certificates
  • clear_all Levels
  • leaderboard Leaderboards
  • rotate_right Progress Bars
  • dashboard_customize Customizable Options
  • wallpaper Pre-designed gamification templates

Personalized Learning

  • cast_for_educationBespoke learning based on role, position, tasks.
  • grid_view Customizable Activities dashboards
  • swap_callsCustom learning paths
  • videogame_asset Game based learning

Deploy Full Suite of Tools or Specific Tools as Per Your Need

MapleLMS Online Assessment Tool. Create, Set Up and Conduct Virtual Exams

  • subject
    Content Management

    Add, Choose and Pick Question formats based on the type of Assessment.

  • card_membership
    Certification Programs

    Create Exams. White labeled cloud based platform for exam delivery. Remote Proctoring. Certificate Management.

  • settings_remote
    Remote Proctoring

    Authentication and validation, Control, SMART Proctoring, Record & Monitor Proctoring and Human led LIVE Proctoring

  • payments
    Online Fee Payment

    Well integrated with payment gateways for seamless and secure transactions

  • analytics
    Data Analytics

    Pre-Configured Reports and advanced dashboards for informed decision making

  • lock
    Secure & Scalable

    Conduct Cheat proof exams of 100K candidates, simultaneously

MapleLMS Remote Proctoring Tool for Conducting Cheat-Proof Online Exams

  • verified_user

    Multipoint Authentication is done to prevent impersonation

  • vpn_lock
    Browser Control for Assessments

    Disable Browser, tab & windows toggles, printings, data transfers, etc.

  • visibility
    Comprehensive Proctoring

    SMART proctoring, Auto-Record & Manual Review Proctoring, Human-led Live Proctoring

  • dashboard
    Reports & Dashboards

    Proctoring Reports, Dashboards & Assessment Results on multi-factor defined metrics


Explore MapleLMS Content Authoring Tool for creation of engaging content

  • subject
    Content Authoring

    Create content , Add and edit multimedia content

  • border_color
    Content Management

    Organize your content workflow, stay in control of content resources

  • accessibility

    Support for audiovisual capabilities of all users

  • publish

    Supports multimedia, and multiple compliance standards SCORM, xAPI, AICC

  • verified_user

    Control Navigation, features and functionality, Permissions, etc.

Organizations having Salesforce as their CRM choose MapleLMS as their learning platform

  • cloud
    Salesforce Integration

    100% native integration for real time data access and synchronization

  • smartphone
    Mobile Learning

    Access training, content through Salesforce mobile App

  • analytics
    Reports & Analytics

    Run reports in Salesforce using data from MapleLMS.

  • vpn_key
    Single Sign On

    Access MapleLMS from Salesforce without swapping logins.

  • groups
    Social Learning

    Discussion with peers, networking using Salesforce Communities



One-Stop Solution

Content, Courses, Learning, Exams, Proctoring, Reports, Certificates, Rewards, Collaboration, Communication, Integration, Innovation. You get it all!

Next-Gen Smart Online Learning

A cloud-based, secure, centralized, and automated solution for both web-based and instructor-led training & courses. Powerful but simplified learning.

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

With MapleLMS, you don't have to worry about "when", "where", and "how" the training are imparted and experienced.

Online Exam

Create, communicate, schedule, record, proctor exams like hiring tests, admission tests, certification tests, etc.

AI Proctoring

Its powerful AI engine monitors and manages exam sessions using facial detection, motion, mouse & keyboard activity, browser lock, etc.

Personalized Learning

Customize the learning journey of each learner. Leverage data and analytics to design a personalized learning path for each learner.

Adaptive Learning

Intelligent machine learning that customizes itself to the learner based on their progress through the course and presents supportive resources.

Gamified Learning Experience

Maximize enjoyment and engagement by incorporating trainees' interests and encouraging them to continue learning. Easily reward with certificates, badges, or points.

Tracking and Reporting

Automated reporting with integrated analytics help you track learning patterns, track the integrity of exams and understand your learning outcomes.

Compliance Management

Leverage courses & content on the latest standards, best practices and rules for imparting impactful compliance training.

Automated Controls

Agile and automated communication with candidates is enabled using customized autoresponder mails and SMS.

User Management

The platform empowers you to assign role-based instructor accounts with predefined access rights for people involved in training & examination.

Data Security

Supports both Windows and Mac and is highly secure and uses HTTPS along with private certificate, latest encryption algorithms and authentications for data transmission.

Seamless Integration

It decreases time to value and enhances user adoption by seamless integration. API availability with any of your existing CRMs, EMS/AMS, SIS, HRIS.

Targeted courses

MapleLMS gives you the freedom to choose from its frequently updated rich content repository to improve skills of targeted groups of audience.

No-Cost Onboarding

MapleLMS is implemented in no time & without any involvement of your IT team. Your existing content in any form and system is brought on to our LMS without any cost.

Ease of Use

Creates a learning and evaluative experience for both trainer and learner. It is easy to use, and thus, non-technical users also do not face any issue in using it.

Quiz & Exams

It is built in the Quiz/Assessment engine for phased testing, skill assessment. Create, schedule, assign and proctor exams remotely and virtually.

Content Management

Online & Offline Content authoring. Secure export & import of content. Use any device to share & create multimedia-rich content on forums & communities.

Special Needs Support

Learners with Special needs, such as visually impaired candidates, get accessible accessibility features and controls to learn at the same pace as anyone else.


Maintain & manage Alumni data & programs and provide a platform where Alumni can view & participate in the progress of an institution by references & donations.


Interactive whiteboard feature for heightened learning and engagement.


Flexibility to customize our products with your branding guidelines.

Admission Portal

Live and interactive admission portal with round the clock support.


Communicate & Collaborate with communities, forums, etc., for enhanced social learning.

Polls & Survey

Leverage interactive features to augment engagement amongst learners.