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AI image AI Powered Remote Proctoring Tool to Conduct Cheat-Proof Online Exams Highly scalable, secure and robust tool for proctoring 100K candidates simultaneously

Our Multilayered Remote Proctoring tool ensure Secure and Cheat-Proof Assessments

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  • verified_user
    Verification and Authentication

    Both biometrics and identity checks are done to eliminate impersonation

  • vpn_lock
    MapleLMS Secure Browser for Assessments

    LockDown Browser disables tab & windows toggles, printings, data transfers, etc.

  • 360
    360° Proctoring Probity

    SMART proctoring, Auto-Record & Manual Review Proctoring, Human-led Live Proctoring

  • dashboard
    Reports & Dashboards

    Proctoring Reports, Dashboards & Assessment Results on multi-factor defined metrics

  • lock
    Secure for All and Scale On-demand

    Supports simple tests to high stake tests and pre-employment assessments

  • support_agent

    Live technical support, dedicated Account Manager,

  • add_task

    Unlimited free cloud storage, Free Managed services, No Cost Onboarding

  • expand

    You can choose to use MapleLMS Remote proctoring tool on our Online Assessment platform or your system.

What do you gain?

Online Assessments

  • book Pre-hiring & Competency Assessments
  • card_membershipCertification Programs
  • quizQuestion Banks
  • paymentsOnline Fee Payment
  • manage_accountsRole based Accesses
  • remove_red_eyeSecure & scalable for proctoring 100K candidates, simultaneously


  • keyboard_altTest-taker enter registration details
  • camera_frontLive Picture Identification
  • verifiedID verification
  • alternate_emailEmail Verification


  • launch Browsing Control with MapleLMS Secure Browser
  • vpn_lock Browsers, Tabs, Search Engines and any other website are locked
  • phonelink_off Desktop Sharing & Virtual Environments are disabled
  • print_disabled External Interface and Prints are blocked
  • import_export Data Transfer, Cut, Copy, Paste are barred.

Smart Proctoring

  • play_circle_filled Video Proctoring
  • volume_up Audio Proctoring
  • imageImage Proctoring
  • people_altMulti-face logging, No face logs, Camera Hiding logs and external devices flagging

Record & Review Proctoring

  • grading Auto-Record & Manual Review Proctoring
  • manage_accounts Human Proctors examine AI-based logs & flags
  • flag Flags are raised on malicious activities
  • assignment Detect and report suspicious behaviour

Live Proctoring

  • remove_red_eyeSmart Proctoring
  • psychology Human-led Proctoring of each candidate and group
  • card_membershipCertified Human Proctors
  • compare_arrows Bilateral Communication

MapleLMS Online Assessment Tool. Create, Set Up and Conduct Virtual Exams

  • subject
    Content Management
    Content Management Add, Choose and Pick Question formats based on type of Assessment.
  • card_membership
    Certification Programs
    Create Exams. White labelled cloud based platform for exam delivery. Remote Proctoring. Certificate Management.
  • settings_remote
    Remote Proctoring
    Authentication and validation, Control, SMART Proctoring, Record & Monitor Proctoring and Human led LIVE Proctoring
  • payments
    Online Fee Payment
    Well integrated with payment gateways for seamless and secure transactions
  • leaderboard
    Data Analytics
    Pre-Configured Reports and advanced dashboards for informed decision making
  • lock
    Secure & Scalable:
    Conduct Cheat proof exams of 100K candidates, simultaneously
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Intelligent Proctoring

Our Online AI Proctoring tool is a powerful AI engine that performs in-depth monitoring & analysis of the exam session.

Embedded AI Engine

The Monitor AI includes advanced algorithms for facial detection, motion, and keyboard activity, mouse movements to analyse the student and examination place.

Cheat –Proof Tests

AI algorithms match the candidates’ photo stored in the system and live, through the state-of-the-art face recognition and face match functionality.

Powerful Tool

Intermittent Face Recognition, Multi-Face Logging, No Face Logging, Camera Hiding Logging, Lock up Browser and Tab, are also some of the standard features.

One-Stop solution

Cloud-based, highly scalable, robust, and secure tool for proctoring 100K users simultaneously. The tool provides remote, auto, and live proctoring.

Multimedia Probity

Real-time monitoring through live video recording, intermittent web-shots, and audio feed, during the test. The video and web-shots are saved on the servers for AI and human audit.

Dashboards & Reports

Detailed probity report is available along with the activity logs to track every movement of individual candidates. Automated clearance report is generated.

Easy Integration

Use API and connectors to integrate well with leading LMS, HRIS, SIS, AMS/EMS and CRMs like Salesforce and Zoho.

Secure Data Transfer

The data is transferred seamlessly between the systems facilitating you to quickly create reports, scorecards, certificates, offer letters, etc., based on results.

End User Support

24*7 support team, dedicated account manager along with unlimited free cloud storage, free managed services, no cost onboarding and white-glove implementation.