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BFSI and Financial Services LMS

MapleLMS provides an innovative mobile LMS for the BFSI industry. The underlying processes, federal laws and mandates for banks, insurance companies, private equity firms, and other similar financial institutions are very structured. These are strictly enforced to ensure data management, security, compliance, audit, and better customer and service management. The right financial services LMS training is essential for the smooth functioning of businesses, without facing legal penalties and trials.

Accurate Hiring
MapleLMS pre-hiring assessment feature ensures intelligent skill assessment for new recruits. This ensures the right candidate is hired for such a crucial industry with a smooth onboarding experience.
Business Need
Employees get trained on cybersecurity best practices, techniques, compliance and audit policies along with other hard and soft skills training and certifications.
Rich Content
Latest and updated content in the form of text, videos, audio on current federal standards, laws and practices, Risk Management, Cyber Security, etc. is available for quick learning.


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Features & Benefits of LMS for Financial Services

Compliance Management

You can leverage online compliance and audit training using MapleLMS for updated learning content delivery on latest standards, regulatory best practices, rules, and GLBA, BSA / AML, and FFIEC guidelines.

Highly Secure

The BFSI LMS ensures online learning data security, conducts cheating-free assessments and encrypted data storage. Its AI proctoring tool has anti-spam, anti-virus, IP blocker, face recognition, and browser locking for more security.

Quick Integrations

MapleLMS is implemented within no time and your content from any system can be migrated to the LMS without any extra cost. Plus, the BFSI LMS can be easily integrated with CRMs (Salesforce, Zoho), AMS/EMS, HRMS, ERPs, and SIS.

Tracking and Reporting

With an automated reporting system to track and report employee performance, you can track your employees learning patterns and progress. The reports and analytics help you see which employees have completed their compliance training and who is ready for required certifications.

Targeted Courses for BFSI

MapleLMS allows you to access its frequently updated rich content repository to ensure that specific groups get trained on mandatory skill sets in the finance industry. Cybersecurity, policy and compliance, FCA, and other essential BFSI course training is delivered seamlessly.


Online Exam and AI Proctoring

Online examinations to select and promote candidates in the BFSI industry need to be conducted fairly. MapleLMS Online Exam & AI Proctoring tool helps L&D, HR & recruitment teams to improve the financial modeling, debt management, collection, portfolio management, accounting, taxations, regulatory standards, etc., by onboarding the right candidates fairly.

How MapleLMS Can Enhance the Performance of Banking and Financial Services (BFSI)?

MapleLMS learning management system caters to all the training needs from compliance to sales training in the banking and financial sector. Conducting banking and finance training with the help of an LMS helps financial organizations upgrade their work progress. Following are some of the benefits of banking software training through the best LMS:

It offers blended learning with gamification that makes training more engaging for banking and finance employees.
It makes the training process personalized to each individual depending on their learning needs.
It contains many learning tools for handling tasks like reporting, enrollment, and organizing training.
It can be easily integrated with other systems like CRMs, HRMSs, and ERPs that help track learners’ progress.
It supports mobile learning that allows any time, anywhere learning at your fingertips during the busy schedule.
It supports group training for banking and financial services through social learning, forums, chats, and surveys.

By utilizing MapleLMS, an online training tool for banking and finance you can enhance your banking and financial learning and compliance knowledge.

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Financial Services LMS software enables financial institutions to train their employees within an automated learning environment. So that, the workforce is aware of the latest compliance courses, data security measures, and data management practices to meet customer needs. The LMS for financial institution ensures security certification, stringent authentication, highly scalable and available deployments, deliver the latest training to employees, and measures employee performance efficiently.
LMS in banking involves training bank employees in carrying out their day-to-day activities at work efficiently. These training programs are customized according to the job role or group, organizational goals to achieve, increase staff productivity and efficiency, etc. The LMS enables the staff to get data security, compliance, customer support guidelines training, and knowledge to ensure better performance and customer service while performing their duties in the bank.
When it comes to picking the best LMS for financial services - MapleLMS seems the best learning management system. It has a scalable and flexible platform that can transform the learning experience within the banking and financial institutions. Moreover, AI technology helps customize the program depending on learners’ roles, interests, and learning history and suggests learning paths and courses. A gamified intuitive platform for online and offline mobile-friendly learning and a lot more.
The most common features of a financial services LMS include - scalability, flexibility, compliance training, KPI-led training, gamified learning, mobile-friendly online and on-demand learning, reporting, dashboards, e-commerce module integration, and analytics, AI-powered role/interest/learning history-based learning path/course suggestion, AI proctoring for performance assessment, SCORM/AICC/xAPI compliant content authoring tool, self-paced learning, automated training administration, inclusivity for specially-abled and non-white employees, product and service training, etc.
A financial services LMS aims to train finance/banking staff to deliver a seamless banking experience or financial services experience to their customers. The staff is trained with compliance, banking processes, the latest banking regulations, financial services/banking-related latest updates, and KYC form filling so that they can deliver the best customer experience.
The main function of an LMS or learning management system is training workforces to enhance their skills and knowledge for their professional growth. It automates tasks for the admins, offers a mobile-friendly learning environment, and performance enhancement, and tracks learning progress, etc. for the staff.