Non-Dues Revenue

Non-Dues Revenue

Non-Dues Revenue

Non-dues revenue generation plays a crucial role in an association’s earning as membership dues can’t suffice to efficiently run the association. Membership dues take up only a small part of the association’s annual revenue. Any earnings, other than the membership dues, such as fundraising, job boards, merchandising, premium content selling (courses and podcasts), partnerships, advertisements on mobile app and websites, and offline and online learning with certifications, seminars, courses, and workshops, to name a few – are counted towards non-dues revenue. MapleLMS being an AMS integrated top learning management system for associations leverages your online and offline learning for non-dues revenue while enhancing stakeholders’ learning experience through gamified courses, increasing course sales.


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What do you gain?

Automated Process

Our innovative LMS integration system will effectively help you in automating repetitive tasks. Get hassle-free administration for your employee training and development where you can automatically grade tests with assignments.


Effortlessly track trainees’ course completions and assignments, view & analyze the stages of course completion. Send reminders to your employees for finishing the assignments timely.

How Can MapleLMS Support Non-dues Revenue Generation?

Seamless Integration with AMS and Salesforce

MapleLMS enables your association to deliver online courses/certifications to learners within an integrated ecosystem using two-way access through single sign-on. Selling your online course/content right from the LMS or AMS/Salesforce using your e-commerce integrated shopping cart gets easier.

Continuing Education with Power of AI

AI-proctored online exams help in pre-hiring assessment, onboarding, and training members. AI assists LMS to recommend courses and suggest learning paths for continuing education and professional development depending on learners’ interest, learning history, and job-role, eventually improving the association’s non-dues revenue

Gamification for Better Learning Experience

Gamified learning experience through rewards like points, badges, leaderboards, credits, automated certificates to learners upon course completion. Associations generate intuitive reports, get insights from smart analytics, for delivering a better experience to stakeholders.

Build Partner-learner relationships

Explore partner sponsorships for the online and on-demand courses as well as charge fee for the learning and accreditation programs using MapleLMS. Arrange training conferences or webinars with industry experts to enhance the learning experience, building a strong partner learner relationship through chats, Q&A, forums, etc.

Branded Mobile Apps and White-labelling

Associations benefit from white-labeled LMS and mobile apps with their own branding. It helps them strengthen their brand and resell white-labeled LMS to their partners and affiliates to gain non-dues revenue.

Rich Content Authoring Tools

MapleLMS has a robust content authoring tool supporting AICC, SCORM, and xAPI standards. It helps organizations to create valuable content that can be easily purchased by learners, partners, and affiliates

FAQs -

Usually, associations earn from membership fees which is very nominal to sustain irrespective of the industry they belong to. So, associations depend on additional revenue sources beyond membership fees, and these sources of earning are known as non-dues revenue. Some common examples include association LMS course selling, certifications, fundraisers, etc. 

Associations can generate non-dues revenues through fundraising, job boards, partnerships, merchandising, premium content selling (courses and podcasts), advertisements on mobile app and websites, and offline and online learning with certifications, seminars, courses, and workshops, to name a few are counted towards non-dues revenue.

Non-dues revenue for associations can help associations grow beyond membership earnings with some additional earnings. Online learning management systems for associations can provide certification and accreditations to members and non-members with a nominal fee, sell industry/role-specific content and courses, deliver instructor-led expert training sessions through webinars, seminars, and workshops, etc. Combined, these non-dues revenue benefit the association with some extra revenue.

Associations can utilize LMS to sell online courses, certifications, expert instructor-led training, conferences and seminars, course or seminar sponsorships by partners and vendors, sub-license white-labeled LMS microsites to affiliates and partners, etc. The registration fees for these seminars/conferences and additional discounted course fees for members encourage them to continue learning, attracting non-members along the way through sponsorship from vendors and partners to become members.

Through MapleLMS an association has the feature to deliver vendor or partner sponsorships to members and non-members for online and on-demand courses. Sponsorship allows charging nominal fees or no fees from the learners (members and non-members) for the learning and accreditation programs. Eventually, it might lead to non-members get memberships for availing those special discounts on training and content exclusive to members.