iMIS LMS Integration

Is Your Association or Nonprofit Looking to Lower Staff’s Manual Work? MapleLMS and iMIS Integration Helps You Do That by Automating Operations!

iMIS is a powerful AMS platform that, when integrated with MapleLMS, supports e-learning, helps members learn new skills, promotes continuing education for members, and streamlines the process of issuing certifications. This integration keeps in sync with regular continuing education credits and certifications. It also opens up effortless non-due revenue generation opportunities and allows seamless access to information across both platforms. MapleLMS’s integration with iMIS AMS helps achieve automation in member enrollment and an enhanced member experience.

Here are a few significant outcomes of this two-way integration:

Two-way Integration for Data Accessibility

Access to MapleLMS content does not require additional authentication for members who are logged into iMIS. As soon as the members’ IDs are generated in iMIS, the members’ data is automatically synced to MapleLMS. As a result, the members have access to a centralized learning ecosystem compatible with both iMIS and MapleLMS credentials. Associations don’t need to create new credentials or migrate members to the LMS. Administrators and supervisors can access the members’ LMS learning performance reports directly from iMIS or the LMS platform.

Promotes Continuing Education for Members

MapleLMS’s AI-powered learning paths boost members’ continuing education and help them accomplish their objectives. Above this, MapleLMS also provides course details such as the number of courses, course completion, end dates, progress of courses, course credits, badges, the final score, etc. that get reflected in iMIS. This way, members can view this information anywhere and anytime they want.

eCommerce with LMS

eCommerce Solutions for Course Purchase

Members can easily purchase courses and other merchandise provided by the association through the iMIS storefront portal. These purchased items are automatically commissioned and available right away in MapleLMS. Similarly, registrations for conferences and events are synchronized across the two platforms. Additionally, the members receive the scheduled credits after attending the event.

Here, members can directly buy courses using the MapleLMS eCommerce platform as well. The MapleLMS platform itself includes a course catalog, payment gateway, shopping cart, and other features. You can then access the paid courses using the AMS.

Writing Back Content to AMS Via Data Mapping

The MapleLMS and iMIS integration keeps the data and activities updated on both systems. This automation helps decrease the burden of manual work on your association’s staff and also reduces the chances of error. MapleLMS is always aware of the users’ status and roles and can determine if they are members or not. The member’s access to courses and other particular MapleLMS features will be defined by their iMIS data.

Similarly, information is written back from MapleLMS to iMIS after course completion, after completing an assessment and earning credits, including the number of courses, the progress of the courses, the course completion date, certifications, credits, and badges. This assures that iMIS has access to all the user or member profiles and their transcripts. After that, MapleLMS issues a certificate, which automatically gets reflected in iMIS. MapleLMS uses SAML 2.0 encryption to sign in using credentials to ensure data integrity.


Reports, Dashboards, and Analytics

Reports and dashboards from both the integrated platforms, namely, MapleLMS and iMIS, allow members to view their learning and performance metrics. At the Member, Content, and System levels, reports and dashboards are generated. Transcripts can be checked at the member level to see what accolades, including badges, credits, and certificates, have been obtained by the members. In addition, members also have access to these reports.

The administrators learn about the members’ methods of learning, the courses with the highest completion rates, etc., at the content level. Management has access to yearly and monthly reports that are shown at the system level generated for the events, merchandise, and courses.

In addition, metrics on enrollments, assessments, retention and growth rates for members, enrollment in certification programs, etc., are all easily visible.

Besides iMIS, MapleLMS offers the ability to integrate with other Association Management Software (AMS), including Fonteva, MemberClick, Personify, Aptify, Impexium, Protech, and other third-party applications like HRMSs, ERPs, SISs, CRMs, etc.

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iMIS Integration

How MapleLMS is the Perfect Association LMS

MapleLMS helps associations manage member experiences, learning data, analytics, entire member lifecycle, and automatic user creation mapped to Fonteva or any other AMS. Real-time performance reporting, continuing education (CE) credits, course content performance, etc. are directly available in Fonteva AMS as well as in MapleLMS.

MapleLMS helps associations to retain and grow memberships apart from realizing other goals like, Virtual Events, Cost Savings, Non-Dues Revenue Generation, Enhancing Outreach, and Automated Continuing Education Unit.

Here is how MapleLMS adds value to associations:


iMIS LMS Integration is the seamless connection between iMIS association management software and a Learning Management System (LMS). iMIS LMS Integration streamlines membership management, allowing you to efficiently deliver online courses, track member progress, and personalize learning experiences, driving member retention and growth.
Absolutely! With iMIS LMS Integration, you can monetize your content by offering paid courses, subscriptions, certifications, event registration, & more boosting your association's non-dues revenue through both the iMIS storefront and LMS e-commerce module.
MapleLMS offers a user-friendly online learning experience, personalized content recommendations, and tracking member progress, that keeps members engaged, active, and invested in your association.
Yes, you can automate member registration and access to courses, reducing administrative overhead and improving the member experience.
Key performance indicators (KPIs) like course completion rates, member engagement, and revenue growth can help gauge the impact of iMIS LMS Integration on your association.