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LMS for Aviation

Every airline needs to train their inflight, ground staff, customer support or technical staff, with constantly changing federal regulations, country-specific aviation laws, safety standards and guidelines, best practices, etc. LMS for Aviation ensures cost-effective, secure, and role-based training delivery for all the diverse group of employees within an airline.

Compliance Management
MapleLMS for Aviation training seamlessly delivers compliance training, adhering to all industry safety policies and regulatory mandates. Advanced reporting and analytics track the compliance training metrics to ensure completion.
Role-based Training
Role-based training is delivered to employees right after onboarding. AI technology enables the right group to easily access the relevant training and LMS content, and submit assignments as well.
Enhance Job Satisfaction
Timely and well-planned training also increases job satisfaction amongst employees. Features like gamification enables them to earn rewards. An Aviation LMS enhances employee performance and retention.


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Features & Benefits

On-the-go Learning

Aviation industry resources are employed across different locations and time zones, and they are always on the go. Support for multiple devices and offline learning on the mobile app brings more value for aviation industry staff as they learn at their own pace.

Online Exam and AI Proctoring

MapleLMS Online Exam & AI Proctoring tools help L&D, HR, and recruitment teams while conducting pre-hiring assessments to onboard new hires. Airlines improve ongoing activities like in-flight announcements, and proctor technical, ATC, and mechanical staffs’ using the aviation LMS.

No-Cost Onboarding

MapleLMS aviation training seamlessly onboards users from an integrated system without additional cost. We have integration capabilities with CRMs, ERPs, HRMS, etc. All the data and content is two-way synced with our LMS and your staff can access the LMS from LMS or the connected system’s login credentials.

Tracking and Reporting

MapleLMS has a built-in analytics tool that helps you track your aviation staffs’ learning patterns and progress. The automated reporting system offers timely reports on staff training progress to managers and decision-makers.

Aviation-centric Courses

MapleLMS has a huge course library to meet your aviation training goals. Along with that, you get an AICC-compliant content authoring tool to create content and assess your staff without much hassle.

Partner & Sales Training

Empower your Sales, Marketing teams, and partners on new offerings, new route updates, updated compliance guidelines, etc. You can also offer training on conflict management, updated booking and cancellation policies, sector-based sales training, etc., as per their role and convenience.


An LMS for aviation company is made specifically to administer and provide aviation-related training and education. By guaranteeing adherence to safety standards, boosting operational effectiveness, and developing the abilities and knowledge of aviation staff, it helps airlines and aviation companies.

Aviation compliance training for pilots, cabin crew, and ground personnel can be monitored and tracked by an LMS for airlines workers. In order to lower the risk of non-compliance, it guarantees that airline workers receive up-to-date training on safety procedures and legal requirements.

The features to look for are real-time updates, integration with aviation regulatory bodies, tracking and reporting capabilities, mobile accessibility for remote training, and course content tailored specifically to the aviation industry. MapleLMS offers all of these and a lot more!

Aviation training can be conducted more effectively and economically by using an LMS, which can offer standardized training materials, interactive simulations, and virtual training scenarios. Additionally, it lessens the requirement for actual training facilities.

Aviation professionals can hone their emergency response skills by practicing on realistic simulations and training scenarios that an LMS for aviation can offer.

Certainly. Technology companies can offer training for global or remote teams through the MapleLMS platform, which is perfect for remote and hybrid training scenarios. The platform offers self-paced learning options and real-time virtual classrooms.