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LMS for Telecommunications Training

With rapidly shifting regulations, trends, devices, and technologies in the telecommunication industry, it is crucial to ensure that stakeholders have the right information to deliver a better customer experience. Considering the numerous protocols, layers, standards, hardware, and software involved – a telecom organization must pave the way to efficiently train the workforce with appropriate industry-compliant courses. An LMS for telecommunications training ensures that the L&D team doesn’t get overwhelmed with onboarding, training, and assessment of employees or training of dealers, distributors, and vendors. An automated learning management system for telecom employees reduces admin’s burden by systematically training and managing the learning processes.

Salesforce-integrated LMS
Salesforce integrated LMS for centralized access to the learning platform using Single Sign-On (SSO). Streamlined sales pipelines and automated processes in a synchronized ecosystem.
eCommerce for Revenue Generation
eCommerce module with storefront, payment gateway, Shopify integration, catalog, and shopping cart ensure easy telecom training courses and merchandise selling to generate revenue.
Branding and White-labeling
Mobile app branding and LMS white-labeling to create brand presence and sublicense LMS to affiliates and partners. Branding with your own logo and theme for a customized look and feel.


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Features & Benefits of Telecommunication

Compliance Trainings

The telecommunications workforce needs specialized training on the latest industry standards, best practices, and rules. An impactful compliance training involving data privacy rules, local laws for EPC compliance, data security, public safety, data privacy rules, FCC regulations, etc., within a Salesforce-integrated learning ecosystem is a must.

Simplified Infrastructure Training

You need an SSO-enabled (Single Sign-On), intuitive, and secure interface that delivers simplified infrastructure training to your telecom team on EPC, underground cables, data centers management, routers management, junction box, underwater cables, network towers, etc., for knowledge and skill enhancement.

Content Authoring & Role-based Training

AI-powered, role-based, automated-course suggestions help you deliver technical telecommunication training to your staff. SCORM content standard supported authoring tools enable you to create valuable content on transforming technologies utilized in sim cards, data centers, 4G to 5G, routers, cloud storage, load & performance testing, etc.

Facilitates Regulated Sales

Telecom industry staff also get trained on pricing, data plans, service plans, latest offers, consistent global branding, updated FCC regulations, etc., using MapleLMS. The +

Standardized Training

This Salesforce-integrated LMS centrally manages and maintains service values while delivering standardized training to local subsidiaries, stores, branches, outlets and other facilities. The telecommunication training and content can be customized depending on the individual requirements of the telecom organization.

AI-powered Exams and Assessments

AI-proctored online exams help in cheat-proof assessments for performance measurement and certification of stakeholders throughout their lifecycle (from pre-hiring assessment to onboarding and exit). The LMS uses AI to understand learners’ interests, roles, and learning history and recommend appropriate courses and learning paths.

Gamification to Learn with Fun

Industrial training sessions are fun when learners earn points, badges, leaderboards, and certifications upon course completion. This gamified interface enables stakeholders to pursue telecommunication training and acquire essential compliance requirements, industry standards, and professionally grow with continuing education.

Truly-mobile Learning Experience

MapleLMS is a flexible and responsive learning platform that enables online and network-independent offline learning for service support agents & technical support agents. They can learn at their own pace across time zones and geographies on any device, to meet their professional goals and excel in career with enhanced performance.


A broad range of training, such as technical skill development, customer service training, safety protocols, compliance training, and product knowledge, are provided by MapleLMS being an LMS for telecommunications training.

MapleLMS, a telecommunication LMS offers course creation tools, reporting and analytics, mobile compatibility, integration capabilities, and scalability to satisfy the training requirements of the telecommunication industry.

An LMS for telecommunications training can enhance employee competencies and expertise, resulting in higher output and superior customer support, by providing effective and easily accessible training.

In spite of the possible upfront costs, implementing a telecommunication LMS is cost-effective in the long run due to the savings on training and higher-quality services.