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Industrial & Manufacturing LMS

An Industrial & Manufacturing LMS is crucial for global manufacturing companies as they need to meet the compliance and regulatory agencies guidelines  in the countries of operation. MapleLMS for the manufacturing industry allows organizations to fulfill the crucial compliance parameters, such as data protection, anti-corruption, employment laws, workspace and health safety, personal safety, product and environmental safety, etc. Manufacturing standards like EPA, FDA, OSHA in the USA, and international standards like HACCP, ISO 9001 and ISO 13845, etc., are expected to be implemented and complied with by manufacturers. AI and robotics, are being used in production, warehousing, supply chain to increase the throughput. And, your workforce needs to get trained with the frequently evolving technologies to automate processes and meet compliance using the LMS in manufacturing.

Role-based Training
A learning management system for manufacturing allows you to design instructor-led training and provides off-the-shelf training courses to your diverse group of employees. Different teams and roles within your organization get role-based training to work efficiently.
Easy to Use
You can create and assign training, automate them and track the results easily. The LMS in the manufacturing industry helps track employee training, schedules, learning status and progress, conduct pre-hiring assessments and performance testing exams, results, etc.


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Features & Benefits of Industrial & Manufacturing LMS

Learn at your Own Pace

Manufacturing industry employees working across different locations and time zones need safety, regulatory and compliance training specific to the locality. They can use their mobile devices to learn on-the-go to stay updated with the current industry trends and updates.

Online Exam and AI Proctoring

The best LMS providers ensure production, sales, warehouse management, tools and machine maintenance, marketing, IT, and accounting, teams to learn and get assessed using AI-proctored online exams within a manufacturing organization. This ensures cheating-free exams and maintaining quality resources.

Gamified Learning Experience

A gamified manufacturing training system is easy to navigate and engaging for less tech-savvy employees as they earn badges and certificates. Employees stay motivated and continue learning, to meet industry requirements and achieve professional goals with better productivity, less accidents, and stay longer.

Tracking and Reporting

MapleLMS has a built-in analytics tool to enable you track and monitor the learning patterns, learning status, performance, and progress of your staff. The manufacturing LMS enables you to automate reports and share with leadership roles and managers to assess the training outcomes using attractive dashboards.

Compliance Management

MapleLMS online compliance training & learning management system enable content creation using SCORM/xAPI standards for compliance, best practices and rules for delivering impactful compliance training to meet EPA, FDA, and OSHA in the USA, and international standards like HACCP, ISO 9001 and ISO 13845.

Easy Onboarding and Easy Integrations

MapleLMS seamlessly imports your manufacturing organization’s data from any integrated system to remove data silos without any extra cost. Your existing CRMs (like Salesforce and Zoho), AMS/EMS, HRIS, ERPs, etc. can be integrated to let your users access the training content from the LMS or any connected system using the same credentials.