Patient care is dependent on not only the medicos, paramedics and nursing staff but also the other groups of the work force like Front Desk, Housekeeping, Kitchen, TPA team, Administration, Security, etc. Every action taken by the team affects the patient directly or indirectly. It is utmost essential to give training to your workforce on innovative medical technologies, procedures and practices. Trainings on new and ever-changing compliance laws and are also imperative to avoid any trials and penalties. Well trained and updated staff will put in their best performance in patient care, and that will directly compliment the revenue generation. MapleLMS for Healthcare vertical is a comprehensive solution to all your training needs for the existing workforce as well as for hiring the best talent and onboarding them.
Save Time, Efforts and Costs
This centralized and automated application reduces your efforts and saves time for course allocation, skill assessment, test design, proctoring and creation of reports and dashboards of training and tests metrics.
Job Satisfaction
Both the fresh hires and existing workforce will be satisfied with the seamless training methodology and will feel motivated and confident with their improved performance.


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Features & Benefits

Compliance Management

You can leverage MapleLMS online compliance and audit training & learning management system to create content on the latest standards, best practices, and rules for imparting impactful compliance training for regulations such as OSHA and HIPAA.

Tracking and Reporting

To monitor your employee’s performance, it is essential to have an automated reporting system where you can see progress. MapleLMS Corporate solutions with integrated analytics tools can help you track your learning patterns and understand your learning outcomes. The automated reporting system will provide managers with timely reports on staff training progress.

Highly Secure

MapleLMS offers a new age mobile Learning Management System and Online Exam & Skills Assessment System with AI Proctoring having features like Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, IP Blocker, Face Recognition, Browser Blocker, etc. Content repository and authentication details are secured using a hardware firewall. HTTPS, along with a private certificate, latest encryption algorithms and authentications are used for data transmission.

Targeted Courses for Healthcare

MapleLMS gives you the freedom to choose from its frequently updated rich content repository to improve skills of constituent groups of the audience in Healthcare ecosystem. Crisp, impactful, video-based courses and AI Proctored skills assessment and exams for recruitment and blind screening, hard and soft skills training, Policy and Compliance training (including HIPAA Privacy and Security 101), Health and Safety, Health and Wellbeing, and Care Certificate (EU).

Role-based Training

MapleLMS user-friendly, simple yet powerful controls give you the privilege to seamlessly allocate and monitor the progress of module-based training to functions like pathological and radiology labs staff for function-specific best practices and innovations. Also, generic Safety and hygiene procedures to general and administrative staff. This way, a knowledge repository for the different functions and roles in the organizations can be easily created.

No-Cost Onboarding and Easy Integrations

MapleLMS is implemented in no time, and your content, whether in physical form or on other applications, are brought on to our LMS without any cost. Connectors and API based easy integration with any of your existing CRMs like Salesforce, Zoho, AMS/EMS, HRIS, ERPs, etc.

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