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Hospitality Industry LMS

Customer experience is a crucial goal to attain in the hospitality industry. Advanced technologies are taking the hospitality industry into new heights while they increase pressure on the staff to comply with the constantly evolving trends and compliances. Hotel staff training is crucial to ensure customer satisfaction and retention in the long run. A hospitality LMS improves employee, customer, and partner engagement for a better customer experience through proper training. Hygienic and contactless solutions are becoming the norm after COVID-19 has wreaked havoc in the world affecting the restaurant and hotel industry at large. Hospitality training LMS ensures that employees are well trained to manage emergencies, maintain compliance and food safety practices, speed up bookings and checkouts, collect feedback from customers and quickly resolve them in person and over the phone or online.

Role-based Training
Seamlessly offer training to diverse groups in your hotel or restaurant, such as housekeeping, front desk, kitchen, security, sales, marketing, and IT teams. Role-based auto-assignment of courses save time and help track performance easily.
Smooth Onboarding and Employee Retention
Retain your top performers by offering them a smooth onboarding experience and engaging online learning platform using social learning and gamification.
Accurate Hiring
AI-enabled hospitality industry training platform helps recruiters conduct pre-hiring assessment to pick the right resources. Even non-technical people can use this learning management system with ease.
Simulated Crisis Management
Simulated crisis management training using gamification allows employees to make the most out of the training and learn key lessons without getting bored. This helps them deliver an unforgettable customer experience.


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Features & Benefits of Hospitality Industry LMS

Learn On-the-Go

Deliver cost-effective mobile-friendly training to your employees in the hospitality industry as they are always on-the-go. From the housekeeping staff to front desk and food service teams the option to learn from anywhere at their convenience encourages them to continue learning.

Online Exam and AI Proctoring

Online exams with AI-proctoring ensure that pre-hiring tests and employee assessments are conducted in a cheat-proof manner. This results in improved inventory & store management, better conflict management, time and stress management, communication, customer service, and technical skills.

Gamified Learning Experience

Gamification entices employees to continue learning with fun using simulations and interactive courses while they earn rewards (badges, credits, leaderboards, and certificates). User-generated content, feedback, and communities enhances learning engagement for a better user experience.

Enriched Content Library

MapleLMS has a huge content repository and now integration with BizLibrary offers more resources. Your hospitality training will be enriched with a wide range of customer service, leadership, management, and compliance training course content readily available in our LMS.

Automate Reporting and Audit Trails

Hospitality industry LMS ensures automated reporting that you can send to decision-makers and managers for employee performance measurement across locations. It can capture audit trails and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Salesforce integration ensures Single Sign-On (SSO) and easy reporting from the LMS or Salesforce.

Hospitality-focused Courses

Crisp, impactful, video-based courses and AI Proctored skill assessment tests and exams ensure better resource management in the hospitality industry. Integration with third-party applications such as CRMs (Zoho and Salesforce), HRMS, ERPs, etc. ensure a centralized access to the learning content.


LMS for the hospitality sector is a platform made to make training and development for staff members in hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality establishments more efficient. It ensures adherence to industry standards, raises guest satisfaction, and develops employee skill levels.

By making training materials easily accessible, tracking progress, and delivering interactive modules, MapleLMS streamlines the onboarding process. This ensures that new personnel quickly and effectively become valuable members of the team.

Features such as mobile accessibility, multilingual support, training for guest service, safety and compliance modules, and reporting tools are must in an LMS for hospitality sector. These elements will assist you in developing an extensive and successful training program.

Specialized training modules on customer service, problem-solving, and soft skills can be provided through MapleLMS to front-line employees. Great service can be delivered by staff who have received proper training, which increases customer satisfaction.

It’s true that an LMS helps with safety and compliance training by giving users access to pertinent resources, monitoring their progress, and producing compliance reports. This ensures that your organization complies with all safety and legal regulations.