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Customer Experience always has an essential benchmark in the Hospitality Industry. But with advent of the new technologies and platforms, Customer Experience has become one of the prime factors that affect the revenue. Apart from brick & mortar booking centers, now social media, online booking centers and customer review platforms have not only given the industry a new momentum but also raised the level of competition much higher. Now with the pandemics like COVID-19, hospitality needs an altogether different level of training regarding Health and Safety, Hygiene & Sanitization, Food Safety, immaculate guest service, etc., to stay in the best books and reviews of their customers. MapleLMS is an automated learning platform for your training and Online Skill Assessment needs.

Role-based Training
It will help you to seamlessly deliver training to every constituent group in your organization like housekeeping, front desk staff, kitchen staff, security team, sales and IT teams. Role-based trainings can be easily created, assigned, and automated tracking for progress can be achieved.
Accurate Hiring
Not limited to only training, the software is beneficial for recruiters in the selection of the best talent using AI proctored skill assessment. The software is user friendly and can be easily navigated by even the non-IT savvy users anywhere, anytime.


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Features & Benefits

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

In Hospitality vertical, resources are employed across different locations, time zones, etc.Eventually, they have different devices and geo based different training needs & expectations to support their functions. MapleLMS support different devices, even wearables and can be used in an offline mode.

Online Exam and AI Proctoring

MapleExam is our Online Exam & AI Proctoring tool that helps L&D, HR & Recruitment teams of Hospitality companies to improve the ongoing activities like inventory & store management and proctoring of other skills such as Conflict management, Time & Stress Management, Communication Skills, Customer Service, technical skills like Database management, etc. to create knowledge repository and improvise conceptual knowledge through real-time monitoring and tracking.

Gamified Learning Experience

The primary motivation of using MapleLMS is to maximize enjoyment and engagement by incorporating students' interests and encouraging them to continue learning. By using rewards such as certificates, badges, or points, an organization can create a better, more involved learning experience in the workplace.

No-Cost Onboarding and Easy Integrations

MapleLMS is implemented in no time, and your content, whether in physical form or on other applications, are brought on to our learning management system without any cost. Connectors and API based easy integration with any of your existing CRMs like Salesforce, Zoho, AMS/EMS, HRIS, ERPs, etc.

Tracking and Reporting

To monitor your employee’s performance, it is essential to have an automated reporting system where you can see progress. MapleLMS Corporate solutions with integrated analytics tools can help you track your learning patterns and understand your learning outcomes. The automated reporting system will provide managers with timely reports on staff training progress.

Hospitality-focused courses

MapleLMS gives you the freedom to choose from its frequently updated rich content repository to improve skills of constituent groups of the audience in Hospitality ecosystem. Crisp, impactful, video-based courses and AI Proctored skills assessment and exams for recruitment and blind screening, hard and soft skills training, Policy and Compliance training, Health and Safety training, Conflict Management, and Customer Service, Communications, CRM training, etc.