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LMS for Training Institutions

Training Institutions focus on multi-faceted training revolving around professional skill development, vocational, life coaching, occupational, personality development, language coaching, soft skills, certification exams, and educational training along with competitive examinations for various government and non-government recruitment training. A wide range of topics, content, courses, training, and tests need to be designed without deviating from the compliance regulations involved with a specific trade or profession. An LMS for training institutions can meet all the requirements while enabling certification agencies to conduct AI-proctored exams with exam probity. Vocational training institutes can highly benefit from this automated, user-friendly, scalable, robust, innovative, well-integrated, highly secure, and centralized LMS.

Role-Based Training
Learners, instructors and guest faculties can easily access the LMS platform according to the privileges assigned to their roles. The learning progress can be easily accessed and monitored through the LMS.
Trusted Certification Platform
MapleLMS enables conducting AI-proctored online exams for professional certification agencies ensuring exam probity. They can assess candidates across the globe and deliver customized auto-generated certificates to the successful candidates.
Secure and Scalable
Certified training institutes and certifying agencies can securely conduct certification exams using the LMS platform. It can accommodate 100K candidates at a time without any performance issue. It is secured with SAML and Auth 2.0 security protocols.
Easy Reporting and Tracking
Automated reporting helps track training progress, learner performance, and analyze the data with ease. This helps understanding training needs of learners and enhancing the future learning experience.


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Features & Benefits of LMS for Training Institutions

Learn As-You-Go

Certified training institutes, such as vocational training institutes, automotive and construction skills training institutes find it easy to learn on the go. Professionals and job seekers like to learn at their own pace as they have to earn for a living. MapleLMS enables them to learn conveniently without skipping their job responsibilities.

Learn to Earn

Skill development organizations and institutions promote a healthy ecosystem to encourage continuing learning. People interested in a career change or beginning a career need skills training at vocational training institutes and other training schools to groom for their dream job. Using the gamified LMS they can learn with fun to reach their professional goal like land a job, and train others towards achieving the same.

eCommerce for Course Selling

You can utilize the built-in eCommerce module or use Shopify integration to catalog and sell different training courses. Learners can use payment gateways and shopping carts, and checkout with the courses or merchandise they purchase. This opens a new revenue stream for your training institute.

White-labeling & Branded Mobile Apps

Vocational training institutes, automotive training institutes, construction skills training institutes, or any certified training institute can white-label the LMS and sublicense it to partners and affiliates. Branded mobile apps with your theme and logo can create brand awareness and help your institute grow.

Industry-specific Training Content

Content authoring tools with SCORM compliance enable you to create content for specific industries. The content created with SCORM standards helps you train learners, as well as assess their performance and the content performance for future enhancements. With SCORM content you get to know what works and what doesn’t in the course. MapleLMS SCORM supported content authoring tools. can work wonders for you.

Gamification and Simulation

Gamification keeps learners engaged in the course as they learn with fun and earn badges, certificates, and leaderboards.With simulation learners get better skill development training in a virtual environment. Especially vocational training institutes’ and automotive training institutes’ learners can use simulations and they need to take control of the system to overcome the challenges.