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SAP ERP Learning Management System Integration

Train your employees, monitor their development, and interface with ERP and SAP systems.

What is SAP ERP?

As the industry leader in enterprise application software, SAP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) that is building networks of intelligent enterprises that offer sustainability, resilience, and transparency across supply chains, assisting businesses of all sizes and across all industries around the world.

SAP Integration with MapleLMS

Synchronize Employee Information

Essential details of employees, such as their names, surnames, departments, supervisors, etc., are systematically updated and synchronized from SAP HR to MapleLMS.

Integrating Our Courses into SAP

Enable seamless access to training materials by embedding  MapleLMS courses directly within the SAP platform.

Explore a Variety of 10,000+ eLearning Courses

Discover an extensive array of over 10,000 pre-built eLearning courses available within the MapleLMS Course Library, seamlessly accessible without exiting SAP.

SAP Integration with MapleLMS
SAP HR Integration with MapleLMS

SAP HR Integration with MapleLMS

Streamlined SAP Compliance Training Integration

Streamline your compliance training process by seamlessly integrating it with SAP. Keep your workforce informed about the latest regulations, policies, and procedural updates. Training records are effortlessly synchronized from MapleLMS to SAP HR, allowing you to promptly verify compliance adherence. Easily monitor your employees’ compliance status, covering areas like anti-harassment, leadership, and management.

Manage Employee Training Progress

Access employee training performance and monitor their advancement, from completed courses to targeted objectives, through the SAP HR/ERP platform.

SAP - MapleLMS Integrated Employee Training System

View Learning Records within SAP ERP

With SAP ERP LMS integration, effortlessly access all learning records directly within SAP.

User-Friendly Integration

Introducing seamless integration of the SAP ERP Learning Management System with an emphasis on simplicity. Access MapleLMS effortlessly through a dedicated dashboard tab, harnessing the collaborative potential of SAP ERP and MapleLMS combined.

Access with Single Sign-On (SSO)

Experience seamless access integration as your Learning Management System seamlessly integrates with SAP ERP through 

Single Sign-On (SSO). With SSO, logging in once grants you immediate access to both platforms, eliminating the need for repetitive logins and simplifying navigation between systems.


SAP - MapleLMS Integrated Employee Training System
Integrated Employee Training System

SAP - MapleLMS: Unified Employee Training Integration

Enhance Engagement with Gamification

Boost the involvement of employees, customers, and partners by incorporating gamification into eLearning. Utilize points, badges, and leaderboards to foster an enjoyable learning experience.

Exploring Varied Learning Paths

Unlock the potential of Tin Can API to embrace a diverse spectrum of learning styles, blending social interactions, informal exploration, and structured blended learning approaches.

Effortless Course Creation with Authoring Tool

Craft custom courses effortlessly using our online authoring tool. Instantly publish your content onto our Learning Management System (LMS) or seamlessly embed them within SAP ERP.

SAP integration with MapleLMS infographic

Why Choose MapleLMS?

Single Platform

Single Platform



Single Platform

More than 2.8M Users


A culture of continuous learning: An LMS that is personalized for each user can monitor, suggest, and provide every new phase or lesson in a journey of continuous learning. Implementing cloud computing and revealing ROI: New developments in L&D can be added to an LMS hosted on the cloud by combining with SAP.
LMS integration with SAP allows your Learning Management System (LMS) to connect with SAP software, typically SAP ERP. This connection enables data exchange between the two systems, streamlining learning and development processes.
Benefits of integrating an LMS with SAP consist of - Centralized user management: Utilize a single platform to control user permissions and profiles.
Automated data synchronization: For user enrolment, course assignments, and progress tracking, do away with manual data entry.
Better reporting: Use dashboards to get information about employee performance and learning activities.
Simplified learning delivery: Use the LMS to assign and monitor training courses connected to SAP.
Take into account the following factors:
Your particular requirements: Which learning features are necessary for you?
Current SAP infrastructure: Select an LMS that works with the modules and version of your SAP system.
For the integration to be successful:
Select an appropriate implementation partner: Collaborate with a seasoned supplier to manage the technical configuration.
Clearly state the integration's objectives: Decide which precise data points you wish to share.
Evaluate the integration in detail: Before launching, make sure reports are accurate and data flows smoothly.