Designed for your industry specific needs.

Focused Learning Management System Solutions

MapleLMS is a neatly designed and packaged Learning Management System (LMS). It meets different training needs and challenges of organizations across industries. We understand that one-size-fits-all is a myth as every organization’s needs vary from each other. Hence, our LMS solutions brings a user-friendly and customizable training platform for you. It comes with innovative features like AI technology, easy integration, gamification, high scalability and security, while delivering the best user experience at a competitive pricing.

MapleLMS also has Salesforce out-of-the-box integration so that organizations can get the best out of their LMS by leveraging the power of Salesforce. It can take care of employee data management, onboard employees and auto assign training, and do performance assessment. On top of that, Salesforce integration allows the LMS to streamline the sales pipeline, automating marketing processes, and generate reports for analytics without much hassle.

How MapleLMS's Corporate LMS Can Drive Business Transformation

MapleLMS is one of the best LMSs for Corporate training that supports businesses in streamlining their learning and development processes with the help of an easy-to-use and user-friendly platform. The LMS for Corporate training makes it simple to deliver training programs to your employees quickly and effectively by acting as a central repository for all of your training materials and resources. 

The corporate LMS platforms provide strong analytics and reporting features to assist you in evaluating the success of your training programs and pinpointing areas that require development. The LMS features like gamification, social learning, and forums assist employees working in corporate companies to learn faster and skill up. 

Corporate learning management systems allow smooth course content creation and real-time tracking of your employee’s progress. MapleLMS is the best-suited learning platform for corporate training as it offers thousands of in-built online courses, seamless onboarding, compliance training, and other related training. We provide 24/7 customer support in guiding our clients to make the most out of our e-learning platform.

Cost-effective Training and Saves Time
Companies usually spend a lot of money on training their employees but using a corporate LMS decreases the amount of time and money spent on employee training. Not only this but the quality and engagement of employees also improve when using an LMS for corporate with increased ROI. Organizations thus gain more profits and grow faster.
Scalable Learning System for Any Size of Organization
It doesn’t matter what size your organization is, small or large, MapleLMS can handle all the training needs of your company. You can perform everything from onboarding to training programs all in just one LMS platform.
Enhanced Employee Retention in Organization
The LMS for corporate training supports knowledge growth and skill development of employees making them stay longer in your organization. This way your employees can focus on their career growth and thus increase their retention. Employees can enhance their skill set and stay in the same role without switching anywhere else.
A Central Repository for Content Management
The corporate LMS system acts as a central repository for managing content and also organizing or updating content is made easier in just a few clicks. Learners can access the learning content at any time and from anywhere.
Advanced Reporting and Analytical Tools
The businesses can get the reports and analytics of all the employees going through training via the LMS for corporate. The managers or instructors can easily track the training progress of employees and make informed decisions based on the latest analytics. The reports generated are real-time and can be visible in the form of graphs and charts.