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Struggling with the time-consuming enrollment process? Optimize your schedule by Rhythm AMS integration with MapleLMS and decrease your manual work!

Rhythm serves as an advanced AMS platform, augmenting member interaction and refining the learning process within MapleLMS. This integration fosters member engagement, facilitates continuous education, and automates certification issuance. Rhythm AMS integration with LMS causes the synchronization of education credits and certifications to become routine, fostering a smooth exchange of data between the platforms. Automated processes, such as member enrollment, are streamlined, reducing manual efforts.

The key outcomes of this integration include:

Efficient Data Access via Two-way Integration

With Rhythm integration LMS, members logged into Rhythm can seamlessly access MapleLMS content without additional authentication. Member data is promptly synchronized with MapleLMS upon ID generation in the Rhythm platform. This integration eliminates the need for member migration or new credential generation, offering a unified learning environment. Administrators gain direct access to member learning performance reports through either platform.

Support for Member Continuing Education

MapleLMS provides AI-driven learning pathways to support members in achieving their educational objectives. Course information, including completion status, progress, credits, and scores, is shared between MapleLMS and Rhythm. Members can access this information anytime, anywhere.

Efficient Data Access - two way integration
eCommerce Opportunities

Enhanced eCommerce Opportunities

Through the Rhythm storefront portal, members can conveniently purchase courses and merchandise. These purchases are seamlessly integrated into MapleLMS and commissions are automatically processed. Event registrations and credits are also synchronized between the platforms.

Coupons, discounts, tiered pricing, and member pricing are all manageable. Provide exclusive discounts on your classes to encourage members to enroll. It’s now easier than ever for your members to participate due to saved payment methods and donation options.

You can configure the template to generate receipts and confirmation emails for members who enroll in courses.

Data Mapping for Seamless Integration

MapleLMS integration with Rhythm ensures synchronized data and activities, reducing manual labor and potential errors. MapleLMS updates user roles and status based on Rhythm data, determining access to courses and features. Conversely, MapleLMS sends course completion, assessment results, and earned credits back to Rhythm, ensuring comprehensive user profiles and transcripts.

Data Mapping Analytics, and Reporting - MapleLMS

Dashboards, Analytics, and Reporting

Members can access learning metrics and performance reports through dashboards from both platforms. Reports are generated at member, content, and system levels, providing insights into learning preferences, popular courses, and system-wide performance metrics.

Additionally, data on assessments, enrollments, member growth, retention rates, and certification program participation are readily available.

Apart from Rhythm, MapleLMS can be integrated with Nimble, Fonteva, MemberClick, Personify, Aptify, Impexium, Protech, iMIS, and other third-party applications like HRMSs, ERPs, SISs, CRMs, etc.

If you want to see how it functions, sign up for a free demo and talk about it in more detail!

Rhythm LMS Integration infographic - MapleLMS


  • Centralized member management: Manage course access, registrations, and member profiles all from one integrated platform.
  • Automated data synchronization: For member enrollment, course assignments, and progress tracking, do away with manual data entry.
  • Enhanced reporting: Discover more about the engagement metrics, course completion rates, and member learning activities in the integrated LMS dashboard.
Data security is a top priority for both MapleLMS and rhythm AMS. They most likely use industry-standard protocols and safe APIs to transfer data for integration. Reviewing the precise security measures provided by each platform is essential, though.
Usually, only the data required to complete the integration is shared (e.g., member IDs, and course enrollments). Examine the particular data fields that are required for the integration of the rhythm AMS and LMS systems.
To reduce the amount of coding needed, the Rhythm AMS API may use a REST architecture and provide pre-configured fieldsets. But for setup and customization, you might need to know a little bit about technology or work with a certified integrator.
Ask the rhythm AMS support team about the possibility of integrating LXP, even though there may not be much information available. Perhaps integration with some LXPs like MapleLMS is possible due to the flexible API.