7 Types of LMS and AMS Integrations that Transform Association Management

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AMS and LMS integration of maplelms

The AMS, an abbreviation of Association Management System, is a software responsible for handling and managing all the operations and processes of the associations. An LMS (learning management system for associations) is a learning software that provides online training to learners for skill development and growth.

When both of these software are integrated, member learning gets enhanced in many ways that help increase member retention. So, let’s now dig deeper into the various LMS and AMS integrations in this article.

1. Fonteva LMS Integration

Fonteva built on Salesforce Experience Cloud, streamlines user adoption by offering a seamless two-way data synchronization when integrated with association LMS like MapleLMS between Fonteva, LMS, and Salesforce. The Fonteva LMS integration enables Single Sign-On (SSO), allowing members to access LMS without additional authentication. AI-driven continuing education and synchronized course details enhance learning experiences. 

Fonteva’s storefront facilitates eCommerce purchases, synchronizing with LMS for immediate access to courses. Two-way activity mapping ensures data consistency, while comprehensive reporting and dashboards across integrated systems provide insights at member, content, and system levels. This transformative integration empowers associations, irrespective of size or niche, revolutionizing their training and learning ecosystems. 

2. MemberClicks LMS Integration

The MemberClicks and LMS integration creates a comprehensive solution for association management and member education. Members benefit from a seamless experience, accessing training, certifications, and accreditations through a Single Sign-On (SSO) from the MemberClicks. The integration offers a personalized learning experience, with optimized microsites based on chapters, geographies, and membership status. 

Navigation remains familiar, enhancing member engagement and focus. The centralized management system allows staff to access and generate reports effortlessly. Automation saves time by synchronizing data between systems, ensuring accuracy. Distinguishing features include the ability to track member performance, generate non-dues revenue, and provide one-stop access to courses. The integration also facilitates easy course purchase, with automated certificate generation upon completion.

3. Protech LMS Integration

The Protech LMS integration revolutionizes the learning experience for association staff and members. When the LMS for associations like MapleLMS seamlessly combines with Protech AMS, it offers unparalleled benefits. Users can access training anytime, anywhere through a mobile-friendly platform, even without internet connectivity. Two-way data synchronization ensures real-time updates on member learning data, maintaining accuracy. 

Non-dues revenue generation becomes streamlined through the Protech AMS storefront, allowing easy sale of courses, certifications, and more. AI-driven Continuing Education motivates members to pursue professional growth. White labeling, mobile app branding, and automated certificate generation enhance brand identity. A centralized learning system, personalized learning experiences, Single Sign-On (SSO), and insightful reports contribute to a comprehensive and user-friendly educational ecosystem.

4. iMIS LMS Integration

The iMIS LMS integration provides a robust solution for Association Management by seamlessly combining the functionalities of iMIS AMS and LMS like MapleLMS. This integration facilitates efficient e-learning, skill development, and continuing education for members, streamlining certification processes. Noteworthy features include two-way data accessibility, where LMS content is automatically synced with iMIS, ensuring a unified learning experience without additional authentication. 

The integration supports eCommerce through the iMIS storefront, enabling members to purchase courses and access them directly on LMS. Automation is key, reducing manual workload and minimizing errors, with data mapping ensuring synchronized updates between the platforms. Comprehensive reporting and analytics empower both members and administrators to track learning progress and achievements. Additionally, the integration extends compatibility with various Association Management Software and third-party applications.

5. Personify LMS Integration

Personify integration with LMS like MapleLMS streamlines training processes for diverse associations, including trade associations, enhancing member education and certification. This integration fosters growth in non-dues revenue, automating enrollment and providing seamless access to both systems. Key outcomes include instant two-way data availability, and facilitating member access without additional authentication. LMS like MapleLMS aids in continuing education through AI-based learning paths, synchronizing course information with Personify AMS. 

The integration enables eCommerce functionality, allowing members to purchase courses and products seamlessly. Data mapping ensures accurate updates between systems, reducing manual work and errors. Comprehensive reporting and analytics empower members and administrators to monitor learning metrics across platforms. The integration extends beyond Personify AMS, encompassing other Association Management Software and third-party programs.

6. Aptify LMS Integration

Aptify integration with LMS like MapleLMS offers a seamless and comprehensive solution for associations. This integration enhances member engagement through interactive courses, continuing education credits, and certifications within the Aptify AMS platform. Instant data availability eliminates the need for additional authentication, providing members with centralized access to learning ecosystems. 

The integration supports eCommerce, enabling non-due revenue generation by allowing members to purchase courses and products through the Aptify AMS storefront, instantly accessible in the LMS. Two-way data mapping ensures automated updates on both platforms, reducing manual effort and errors. Robust reports and analytics empower members and administrators with insights into learning metrics, course completion, and overall system performance. Compatible with various Association Management Software and third-party programs, this integration proves versatile and efficient.

7. Impexium LMS Integration

Impexium’s seamless integration with LMS like MapleLMS enhances association management, offering a unified platform for member training and education. This two-way integration ensures easy data accessibility, allowing members to access the LMS content directly through Impexium AMS without additional logins. The integration supports continuing education with AI-based learning paths, offering detailed course information within Impexium. 

The inclusion of a built-in eCommerce platform facilitates course purchases through Impexium’s online store, synchronizing data across platforms. The automation streamlines administrative tasks, ensuring accurate user status and role updates. Robust reporting and analytics empower members and administrators to track learning progress, awards, and system-level insights. This integration extends beyond Aptify AMS, supporting various other association management software options for a comprehensive solution. 


In summary, association management is transformed by smooth LMS and AMS integrations, which improves member learning and retention. Every integration that changes training, certification, and continuing education is revolutionary, from Fonteva’s AI-driven synchronization to MemberClicks’ personalized learning, Protech’s mobile-friendly platform, iMIS’s unified experience, Personify’s varied applications, Aptify’s interactive courses, and Impexium’s unified platform. 

These solutions empower associations of all sizes with their streamlined eCommerce, Single Sign-On, and extensive reporting features. Its transformational effect is evident in the coherent educational ecosystems it builds, which improve member engagement, foster professional development, and ensure effective, error-free administration. In the ever-changing world of education, associations that adopt these integrations will be well-positioned for success. Talk to our LMS experts now to learn more about MapleLMS and AMS integrations in detail.