Aptify LMS Integration

Decrease the Burden on Your Association’s Staff Through Automation and Encourage Members’ Continuing Education with MapleLMS and Aptify Integration!

Aptify is a leading AMS platform that allows membership management, and its integration with MapleLMS, helps members to stay engaged through interactive courses, credits for continuing education, and offering certifications. This integration also provides and increases non-due revenue generation opportunities and allows seamless access to information across both platforms. MapleLMS’s integration with Aptify AMS helps in meeting associations’ needs, provides automation for members’ learning, and makes automated enrollment possible.

Several important results of this two-way integration include the following:

Instant Data Availability Via Two-way Integration

Members who are logged into Aptify AMS do not require additional authentication to access MapleLMS content. Data about the members is instantly made available in MapleLMS as soon as their IDs are created in Aptify AMS. The members now have access to a centralized learning ecosystem that accepts credentials from both Aptify AMS and MapleLMS. Associations are not required to transfer members to the LMS or create new credentials. Administrators and supervisors have direct access to the members’ LMS learning performance reports from either Aptify AMS or the LMS platform.

Encourages Members for Continuing Education

The AI-powered learning paths in MapleLMS enable users to achieve their goals while advancing their education. In addition to this, MapleLMS offers course information that is reflected in Aptify LMS, like the number of courses, course completion and end dates, progress of the course, course credits, badges, and final score. Members will be able to access this data anywhere and anytime as they wish.


Generate Non-due Revenue with eCommerce Solutions

Through the Aptify AMS storefront interface, members may quickly purchase the association’s courses, merchandise, and other learning products. These purchased products are immediately accessible in MapleLMS and automatically commissioned. Registrations for conferences and events are coordinated between the two platforms in a similar fashion. After attending the event, the members also receive the scheduled credits.

Here, members can buy courses directly through the MapleLMS eCommerce platform. Within the MapleLMS platform itself, there are features including a course catalog, payment gateway, shopping cart, and others. After that, you can access the paid courses via the AMS.

Write Back Content to AMS Through Data Mapping

The data and activities are updated on both platforms due to the connectivity between MapleLMS and Aptify AMS. The amount of manual work required by the staff of your association is reduced due to this automation, which also reduces the likelihood of errors. The status and roles of each user are always known to MapleLMS, which helps identify whether or not they are members. The member’s Aptify data will determine whether they have access to courses and other specific MapleLMS features.

Similarly, data gets imported from MapleLMS to Aptify after a course is finished, after passing an assessment and earning credits. This ensures that all user or member profiles and their transcripts are accessible to Aptify AMS. Then MapleLMS issues a certificate, which Aptify AMS immediately updates. In order to assure data integrity, MapleLMS uses SAML 2.0 encryption for sign-in utilizing credentials.


Reports, Dashboards, and Analytics

Reports, Dashboards, and Analytics
Members can monitor their learning and performance metrics in reports and dashboards from both the integrated systems, MapleLMS and Aptify AMS. The generation of reports and dashboards occurs at the Member, Content, and System levels. At the member level, transcripts can be checked to determine what honors, such as badges, credits, and certificates, have been attained. Members get access to these reports as well.

At the content level, the administrators learn about the members’ learning styles, the courses with the best completion rates, etc. The management has access to yearly and monthly reports produced by the events, products, and courses and this is shown at the system level.

Additionally, reports on assessments, member retention, and growth rates, certification program participation, etc., are all readily available on both platforms.

In addition to Aptify AMS, other Association Management Software (AMS) including Fonteva, MemberClick, iMIS, Personify, Impexium, and Protech, as well as other third-party programs like HRMSs, ERPs, SISs, CRMs, etc., can be integrated with MapleLMS.

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How MapleLMS is the Perfect Association LMS

MapleLMS helps associations manage member experiences, learning data, analytics, entire member lifecycle, and automatic user creation mapped to Fonteva or any other AMS. Real-time performance reporting, continuing education (CE) credits, course content performance, etc. are directly available in Fonteva AMS as well as in MapleLMS.

MapleLMS helps associations to retain and grow memberships apart from realizing other goals like, Virtual Events, Cost Savings, Non-Dues Revenue Generation, Enhancing Outreach, and Automated Continuing Education Unit.

Here is how MapleLMS adds value to associations:


Integration allows for the seamless exchange of data between the two systems. This results in more comprehensive analytics and reporting, providing insights into member performance, their engagement, and the course effectiveness.
Yes, integrating Aptify AMS with LMS can enable personalization. You can use data to offer custom learning paths, recommendations, and content, which boosts member engagement and outcomes.
To ensure success, plan your integration carefully. Define clear objectives, involve relevant stakeholders, choose the right LMS for integration like MapleLMS, and work with experienced LMS professionals or service providers like us.
Integration of Aptify AMS with MapleLMS can boost member engagement by offering a centralized portal for members to access educational resources, track member progress, and manage their profiles. This leads to increased member satisfaction and retention.
Integration of Aptify AMS with MapleLMS enables automated certification tracking and management. Members can complete courses and assessments through the MapleLMS, and their certifications are automatically recorded and updated in Aptify AMS.