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slider Conduct Secure Online Exams, Pre-hiring Assessments and Certification Exams User–friendly, Robust and Secure Tool for Conducting Virtual Exams

Secure and Easy to Use Online Assessment Tool to Conduct Cheating-proof Exams

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MapleLMS AI proctoring
  • dashboard
    Content Management

    Add, Choose and Pick multiple Question formats including, objective, subjective, text, video, image, based on types of exam.

  • dock
    Exam Management

    Create virtual assessments, set up Dates, schedules, Duration, Languages, Sections, Grades, Instructions, Progress Reports and Dashboards

  • subject
    Recruitment Programs

    Live Screening of candidates, Secure Proctored Online Assessments, Conduct Interviews for competency hiring

  • verified_user
    Certification Programs

    Create Assessments, questions, grading criteria, workflows. White labeled cloud based platform. Remote Proctoring. Certificate Management.

  • question_answer
    Question Banks

    Thousands of pre-configured subject-based, role based, and competency based questions are stored for faster assessment creation

  • settings_remote
    Remote Proctoring

    Authentication and validation, Control, SMART Proctoring, Record & Monitor Proctoring and Human led LIVE Proctoring

  • payments
    Online Fee Payment

    Well integrated with payment gateways for seamless and secure transactions

  • analytics
    Data Analytics

    Pre-Configured Reports and advanced dashboards to, track progress, cluster analysis, informed decision making, etc.

What do you gain?

One-Stop Solution

  • rule Pre-hiring & Competency Assessments
  • card_membershipCertification Programs
  • helpQuestion Banks
  • paymentsOnline Fee Payment
  • how_to_regRole based Accesses
  • lockSecure & scalable
  • 360360° Proctoring


  • settings_system_daydreamSetup Online Exam
  • photo_cameraRemote Proctoring
  • verifiedAutomated Grading System
  • card_giftcardCertificate Generation
  • edit_calendarIntegrate with All Popular LMSs
  • app_registrationBulk candidate registration and upload
  • forward_to_inboxSend customized invites
  • analyticsData Analytics


  • help Question Repository
  • vpn_lock SCORM, AICC, xAPI format support
  • support_agent Support multiple formats of questions
  • calculate Support for mathematical and chemical equation
  • functions Supports scientific diagram format

Data Security

  • cloud_done Secure Cloud Hosting- AWS
  • published_with_changes Encrypted Data Exchange
  • loginRole based Access are given
  • analyticsHigh level database integrity
  • settings_input_antennaMulti-layer access authentication
  • lockPeriodical Internal and external security audits

Exam Security

  • grading Candidate Authentication and Validation
  • manage_accounts Secure Browser Control
  • admin_panel_settings SMART Proctoring
  • video_settings Record and Review Proctoring
  • visibility Human-led Live Proctoring
  • published_with_changes Integrity Reports

Data Analytics

  • remove_red_eyeGranular Assessment Reports
  • psychology Proctoring Reports
  • descriptionAggregated Reports and Dashboards
  • dashboard Personalized Dashboards
  • format_list_numbered_rtl Ranking Reports
  • query_stats Cluster Analysis Reports

MapleLMS Remote Proctoring Tool for Conducting Cheat-Proof Online Assessments

MapleLMS AI proctoring
  • subject
    Multipoint Authentication done to prevent impersonation
  • card_membership
    Browser Control for Assessments
    Disable Browser, tab & windows toggles, printings, data transfers, etc.
  • settings_remote
    Comprehensive Proctoring
    SMART proctoring, Auto-Record & Manual Review Proctoring, Human-led Live Proctoring
  • payments
    Reports & Dashboards
    Proctoring Reports, Dashboards & Assessment Results on multi-factor defined metrics
online assingment with remote proctoring


One-Stop Solution

Helps Companies, Non –profit organizations, Education & Training Institutions, accelerate the pace to achieve their skill assessment, recruitment, selection and certification goals.

Next-Gen Online Assessment Software

It is a cloud-based, secure, centralized, and automated solution to create, communicate, schedule, record and proctor tests.

Ease of Use

It creates a learning & evaluative experience for both examiners covering candidates. It is easy to use, and thus, non-technical users also do not face any issue in using it.

Support for Special Needs

Candidates with special needs like visually impaired candidates are provided with controls and ease to use the system as effectively as anyone else.

Engaging Content

Easily create comprehendible, engaging & interactive tests using videos, audio, images, slides & documents. Share feedback and generate instant & detailed reports.

Automated Controls

Agile and automated communication with candidates is enabled using customized autoresponder mails and SMS.

User Management

The platform empowers you to assign role-based instructor accounts with predefined access rights for people involved in the assessment tests.

High Probity Assessments

Ensures clean, high probity exams by preventing any cheating attempts like printing, copying, web or app access during the assessment.

Data Security

Support both Windows and Mac and is highly secure and uses HTTPS along with a private certificate, latest encryption algorithms and authentications for data transmission.

Seamless Integration

It decreases the time to value and enhance user adoption. Connectors and API based quick integration with any of your existing CRMs like Salesforce, Zoho, SIS, AMS/EMS, HRIS, etc.

Integrable & Scalable

Conducts Cheat proof exams of 100K candidates, simultaneously and integrates with all popular LMSs.

End User Support

24*7 support team, dedicated account manager along with unlimited free cloud storage, free managed services, no cost onboarding and white-glove implementation