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Top 10 Challenges of Managing an LMS

Top 10 Challenges Faced in LMS Management!

Several obstacles can make managing the corporate learning management systems (LMSs) difficult and reduce its efficacy. LMS challenges can range from financial limitations to technical problems. The top 10 LMS management issues that organizations encounter will be covered in this blog post, along with workable solutions. Here, we provide insightful advice on how to maximize...
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Steps to Measure the Training Impact

5 Steps to Measure the Training Impact on the Business Using an LMS

A task that is only partially completed is not satisfying. It’s hard to know whether you’ve accomplished what you originally set out to do unless you can demonstrate the results of your efforts. Learning and development (L&D) leaders have historically needed help articulating how our training programs have impacted the business. The favorable tidings? One...
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