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AI-proctored Exam

How Safe are AI-proctored Exams for Candidates in terms of Privacy

AI-proctored exams keep exam probity intact. But candidates often are apprehensive about the proctored exam because of security and privacy concerns. They wonder if the AI proctoring software collects their system data and accesses their system even after they log out. What is AI Proctoring? AI-proctored exams are conducted using online webcam proctoring with AI...
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How AI-proctoring is Better than Test Center Exams

As the globe is shrinking digitally every passing day, the need for online learning and online exams is expanding across industry verticals. From corporates to certification agencies exam probity is becoming a crucial point. Hence, they are opting for online AI-proctoring software to conduct the exams. Moreover, the COVID-19 situation affected test center exams to...
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