Fonteva LMS Integration

MapleLMS and Fonteva Join Hands - for Fulfilling Members’ Needs, Enhancing Member Engagement and Retention, Increasing Certifications and Seamless Professional Regulation

Fonteva is built on Salesforce Experience Cloud (formerly Community Cloud),  and hence the Salesforce out-of-the-box integration with MapleLMS minimizes the user adoption time offering an enhanced user experience. Having said that, Fonteva LMS integration enables a two-way data synchronization between MapleLMS, Fonteva and Salesforce. Fonteva is the master record repository, MapleLMS is the Learning Platform, and Salesforce is where the management gets reports and dashboards.

Here are couple of the salient outcomes of this integration:

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Members logged into Fonteva don’t need an additional authentication process to access MapleLMS content. The Fonteva members’ information gets automatically synced to MapleLMS as soon as their IDs are generated either in Salesforce or Fonteva. This ensures a centralized learning ecosystem for the members, which is accessible from both Fonteva and MapleLMS credentials. Associations do not need to migrate members to the LMS or generate additional credentials. Administrators and managers can view the LMS learning performance reports of the members directly either from Fonteva, Salesforce, or the LMS.

AI-driven Continuing Education for Members

AI-suggested learning paths encourage members to continue learning and achieve their professional goals. Apart from that, MapleLMS enables course details, such as course start and end dates, credits earned, final score, etc., to get reflected in Fonteva. So that, members can view these information as and when required.

Single Sign-On (SSO)
eCommerce Purchase

eCommerce Purchase

Members can purchase the courses and other learning products using Fonteva storefront. Those purchased products are auto commissioned and can be immediately accessed in MapleLMS. Likewise, registrations for events and conferences are also synched between the two systems. And, on attending the event the slated credits are added for the members.

Two-Way Activity and Data Mapping

With MapleLMS-Fonteva integration, MapleLMS is aware of users’ status and role – whether they are members or not. Their data in Fonteva will determine their access to courses and other specific functions in MapleLMS. Similarly, data is written back from
MapleLMS to Fonteva on completion of a course, after taking an assessment and earning credits. This ensures that Fonteva has the complete profile of users or members along with their transcripts. Then, MapleLMS generates a certificate which of course reflects in Fonteva. Most of the data objects from both the systems reflect in Salesforce within Contact data, Reports and Dashboards.

Reporting and Dashboard

Members’ learning and performance metrics can be viewed on reports and dashboards across all the integrated systems, such as MapleLMS, Fonteva, and Salesforce. The reports and dashboards are generated for
different levels i.e., Member level, Content Level and System Level. At the member level, transcripts can be checked to see what certificates, credits, badges, etc., have been earned. The members can also view these reports. 

At the content level, the administrators get to know the learning patterns of the members, what are the courses with highest rates of completion, etc. At the system level, management can see the
revenue earned through the courses, merchandise, and events in yearly and monthly formats.
Apart from that, how many enrollments have been done, how many assessments have been taken, the numbers of members that have increased and retained, enrollment in certification programs, etc. are also visible.

Fonteva and LMS integration with Salesforce transforms the training and learning ecosystem of associations, irrespective of the size and niche. Apart from Fonteva, MapleLMS also has integration capabilities with other Association Management Software (AMS) like Nimble AMS, and other
third-party applications including HRMSs, ERPs, SISs, CRMs, etc.

Reporting and Dashboard
Fonteva MapleLMS Integration

MapleLMS Fonteva Integration Demo

This demo video captures the user journey from Fonteva to MapleLMS, member experience, two-way real-time data synchronization, MapleLMS data write back to Fonteva, reporting, and dashboards. This demo video also captures assessment and certification integration with face match authentication, controlled exam environment, and AI/Remote proctoring.
Step-by-step walk-through of how the Fonteva LMS integration works.

How MapleLMS is the Perfect Association LMS

MapleLMS helps associations manage member experiences, learning data, analytics, entire member lifecycle, and automatic user creation mapped to Fonteva or any other AMS. Real-time performance reporting, continuing education (CE) credits, course content performance, etc. are directly available in Fonteva AMS as well as in MapleLMS.

MapleLMS helps associations to retain and grow memberships apart from realizing other goals like, Virtual Events, Cost Savings, Non-Dues Revenue Generation, Enhancing Outreach, and Automated Continuing Education Unit.

Here is how MapleLMS adds value to associations:


Learning management systems can be easily integrated with Fonteva AMS, an association management system. Organizations now have a complete solution for managing learning and association activities thanks to this connection, which also improves overall functionality.
Of course! With its seamless integration with Fonteva AMS, MapleLMS provides a unified platform for businesses that desire to optimize learning management and association management within the Salesforce ecosystem.
The integration increases efficiency by combining the learning management and association processes. It ensures a unified experience inside Salesforce, streamlining processes and offering a comprehensive answer to the various demands of businesses.
MapleLMS is enhanced by Fonteva AMS integration, which offers sophisticated association management features. This results in a comprehensive solution that goes beyond conventional learning management and includes membership management, events, and more.
The design of the integration prioritizes the user experience. Fonteva AMS integration with MapleLMS is easily navigable by users because of its intuitive interfaces and smooth workflows, which ensure a cohesive and user-friendly experience.