Corporate employee meeting salesforce MapleLMS Salesforce LMS Amplify your team’s training and productivity with MapleLMS Salesforce LMS

MapleLMS Salesforce LMS Differentiating Features for a Better Learning Experience

The best LMS for Salesforce to train your employees, partners, and customers across industries

Os casinos online tornaram-se um destino popular para os jogadores de todo o mundo e, com o aparecimento do MapleLMS Salesforce LMS, dispõem agora de uma plataforma avançada para apoiar as suas operações. Este sistema de gestão da aprendizagem de ponta fornece aos casinos online, como o, as ferramentas de que necessitam para prestar um serviço excepcional ao cliente, melhorar o desempenho dos funcionários e optimizar as suas operações comerciais.

Com o MapleLMS Salesforce LMS, os casinos online podem oferecer experiências de aprendizagem personalizadas que vão ao encontro das necessidades específicas de cada funcionário. Isto resulta em funcionários mais felizes, mais motivados e empenhados no seu trabalho. Além disso, este sistema de gestão da aprendizagem fornece aos casinos online análises de dados em tempo real que os ajudam a monitorizar e acompanhar o progresso em relação aos indicadores-chave de desempenho (KPIs).

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MapleLMS Salesforce image in a desktop
  • dashboard
    Access the LMS from anywhere on Salesforce
    Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Marketing Cloud – Salesforce LMS is accessible from any of these Salesforce products for employee/member training and continuing learning.
  • dock
    Sales Training through Sales Cloud
    Equip your sales team with the right LMS courses that they can access on Sales Cloud. Product and service knowledge at hand will help sales reps learn and resolve customer queries faster.
  • subject
    Quick Support Staff Training with Service Cloud
    Utilize the Knowledge base and let your support teams and customers benefit from self-support courses and articles accessible on Service Cloud for faster Case management.
  • verified_user
    Explore Learning with Experience Cloud
    Visualize your learners’ learning metrics and analytics, and the entire LMS course library of a particular department, chapter, or the entire organization on Experience Cloud.
  • wb_cloudy
    Contextual Learning aligned with Salesforce
    Courses, help articles, and answers from the LMS tied to different Salesforce objects (products, cases, and opportunity stages), are suggested to sales and support teams, and customers.
  • shopping_cart
    Multitenant (Multi-Org) LMS with Quick Deployment
    Perfectly aligns with Salesforce’s multitenant architecture for better scalability and availability. Learning data for Salesforce Accounts can be viewed with ease.
  • support_agent
    Get LMS Reporting and Analytics on Salesforce Dashboard
    Visualize the LMS analytics and generate reports on Salesforce right away, for actionable insights.
  • dashboard
    Achievement Visible on Salesforce User Profile
    User profiles can feature course credits, certificates, and learning progress with achievements right within Salesforce. Course-related notifications are also visible on Salesforce.
  • dock
    Available on Salesforce AppExchange
    MapleLMS Salesforce LMS is available on Salesforce AppExchange and is quick to deploy.

MapleLMS mapped with Salesforce for the best LMS Training

MapleLMS Salesforce Lighting-ready LMS for a Robust Learning experience 

Revenue Generation

  • card_membership Sell certification programs, merchandise, training, etc.
  • shopping_cartLeverage the power of a built-in ecommerce module
  • sellSub-license white-labeled LMS

Continuing Education

  • book_onlineLearners get self-service capabilities to check credits earned, scores, etc.
  • mailEmail support to learners
  • redeemCertificate auto-generation and course credits earned post activities
  • play_lessonMultimedia content support

Powerful Integrations

  • multiple_stop Fully-integrated with any system of records
  • vpn_lock Single Sign On (SSO) with 3rd-party systems and your website
  • repeat 30+ Integrations with Salesforce®, Fonteva, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Shopify, Microsoft® Teams, etc.

Anywhere. Anytime. Any device

  • desktop_access_disabled Accessible in both online and offline modes
  • volume_up Live and on-demand training can be accessed and managed with ease, even by non–technical users.
  • devicesTraining can be accessed on the go, across time zones, and on any device


  • bookmarks Engaging Users with Personalized Badges
  • credit_score Multiple Credit Types
  • military_tech Rewards / Certificates
  • clear_all Levels
  • leaderboard Leaderboards
  • rotate_right Progress Bars
  • dashboard_customize Customizable Options
  • wallpaper Pre-designed gamification templates

Personalized Learning

  • cast_for_educationBespoke learning based on roles, positions, or tasks
  • grid_view Customizable Activities dashboards
  • swap_callsCustom learning paths
  • videogame_asset Game-based learning

Why MapleLMS is the Best Salesforce LMS?

Manage learners’ experiences, learning data, analytics, entire employee/member lifecycle, and automatic user creation mapped with Shopify. Real-time performance reporting, continuing education (CE) credits, course content performance, etc. are available in MapleLMS.  
MapleLMS Salesforce LMS streamlines training for a broad range of requirements as defined below.  

Customer Training

Streamline your customer training with the best Salesforce has to offer. Use the Experience Cloud to help them with self-support documents and reduce support tickets.

Employees Training

Auto-enroll employees into the LMS training courses as soon as their Salesforce IDs get created. Training mapped with different stages of Salesforce processes enables employees to learn on their own.

Non-dues revenue for associations using AMS

The Salesforce learning management system helps associations using Fonteva, Nimble, or any other AMS to generate non-dues revenue by selling courses and merchandise.

Gig-worker Training

Use our Salesforce LMS to train short-term staff or gig workers so that they adhere to your company compliance standards and policies. They can access training from anywhere using Salesforce.

Compliance Training

Train staff, members, and external stakeholders with compliance guidelines and policies using the Salesforce learning management system.

Sales Training

Salesforce LMS streamlines sales training with the right training at the right stage of the sales process. Training programs tied to stages in Salesforce to fasten the process.

Partner/Supplier Training

Offer a seamless digital onboarding and training experience to partners using the Salesforce LMS. Equip partners to deliver the best end-user experience with the right training.

Operations Training

Train your operations team using MapleLMS Salesforce LMS so that they can customize sales cycles and make insightful decisions. Help them enhance productivity.

Where can you use Salesforce LMS for Training?

Virtual events, revenue generation (non-dues for associations), enhancing outreach, and automating continuing education. MapleLMS adds value to your Training Ecosystem with the following use cases  


Corporations can use Salesforce learning management system to train their sales staff with context-based online learning courses, and track their training outcomes. Partner training, supplier training, customer training for retention and satisfaction, compliance training, and global gig-worker training can be managed efficiently with a robust LMS for Salesforce.


Associations can use the Salesforce LMS for Associations to train members, partners, vendors, and external stakeholders with the best-ever digital experience. They can improve member engagement through AI and smart analytics, generate non-dues revenue generation using a built-in eCommerce platform, and seamless AMS (Fonteva and Nimble) and LMS integrations.


Nonprofits can use the Salesforce learning management system and train their staff, partners, and volunteers for fruitful charity event organization and drawing insights for future events. The Salesforce learning management system supports Nonprofits Cloud and can add value to the training goals.
Our unique LMS solutions provide a detailed integration with your other systems to ensure that Salesforce becomes a System of Records and a single source of truth for all your learning activities. MapleLMS supports multiple languages and can be quickly deployed.


A stand-alone learning management system (LMS) is not provided by Salesforce. Instead, it acts as a link, seamlessly combining MapleLMS and other third-party LMS platforms. Salesforce data management and centralized training are made possible by this synergy. Take advantage of benefits like tailored learning paths and thorough progress reports, which are all easily accessible without requiring you to switch between these platforms.

Within Salesforce, LMS refers to the “Learning Management System.” To offer a complete solution for managing training and learning initiatives, Salesforce integrates with third-party LMS platforms such as MapleLMS. As a result, handling training materials, tracking advancement, and data analysis within the Salesforce ecosystem are all made easy for users.

Yes, the Salesforce LMS is designed to be simple to use and intuitive. Salesforce users can easily manage training within the Salesforce environment thanks to its seamless integration capabilities with external LMS platforms like MapleLMS. Because of the interface’s user-friendly design, creating customized learning paths, producing progress reports, and managing training data are all made simple.

Yes, you can easily synchronize all of your user data between MapleLMS and Salesforce. Through this integration, user data can be transferred completely between the two platforms, guaranteeing efficiency and consistency in data management.

Customization of training materials for each user’s needs is a key component of Salesforce LMS customization. There are many options available in Salesforce LMS for customized training. A customized experience is ensured by the ability of users to modify learning paths, content, and assessments. Organizations can address particular learning objectives thanks to this customization capability, which improves engagement and knowledge retention.