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Globalization & Internationalization

Cater to a global audience with an LMS platform that is truly global – supports multiple languages, currencies, time zones, and more!

Multiple Language Support

24+ Languages to Unlock the Global Markets!

Support for multiple languages helps organizations to set their own language to create LMS courses and assessments. It enhances the learning experience by making learning more engaging, accessible, and interactive for the global audience in their own language.

Multiple Languages Diverse Locales Translation Audience Expand

Enable Language Support

Enabling multiple language support ensures better adaptability and user engagement both for learners and the organization. As soon as the locale and language settings are changed the user interface reflects the changes for a smooth user experience.

User Interface Translation

The UI (user interface) elements, such as menus, buttons, and other text elements get translated into the user's preferred language when the admin changes the language settings for the user.

Content Translation

Apart from the UI, the training course content gets translated into different languages for the learners and local admins. The translation feature helps the course instructor to create translated versions of the content for better user adoption.

Automatic Translation

The LMS uses AI to auto-translate the training content. Instructors need to verify the accuracy of the translation to ensure that everything is perfect.

Multi-currency Support

Expand your Global Reach!

Multi-currency support is helpful while dealing with a global market. This helps to transact both in USD and other popular currencies that the client deals in to ensure that users can easily switch between currencies and that financial transactions are accurately converted.

Enable Integrate Transact

Payment Gateway Integration

Receive payments in different currencies or in your default currency for the LMS training or courses that you sell or sublicense. MapleLMS supports multiple card types and payment gateway integrations for a secure purchase experience.

Currency Conversion

Set up your base currency in MapleLMS and use it to convert the course fees, payment amounts, event registrations, and other financial transactions from the user's local currency to the base currency. The users can switch between the currencies.

Pricing Strategies

Define your pricing strategy for different currencies helps align with the cost structure and market demand for your courses in different countries.

Currency-specific Reporting

Generate currency-specific reporting that ensures financial reports to carry transactions in your preferred language and currencies. It includes the local currencies of the users as well as the base currency of the organization for transparency.

Test and Refine

The multi-currency support functionality is thoroughly tested and refined to ensure that it works correctly. User feedback is considered for future refinements.

Multiple Country-specific Payment Gateways

Take your Training Global!

Multiple country-specific payment gateways ensure users have a secure and seamless payment process irrespective of their location.

Subscription Transaction Monetization

Set up Subscription Plans

Decide pricing for the training course, course bundles, event registration, or course subscription plans that users can purchase from the LMS storefront. When they select the courses and confirm it directs them to the payment gateway for payment.

Define Available Payment Methods

Define the payment methods available to a specific country, so that your users can purchase courses or subscriptions. Depending on their locations the payment options might vary. The respective gateway then securely collects users’ patent information, such as credit card or bank account information.

Verify Payment

The payment gateway verifies the payment information provided by the user to ensure that it is accurate and complete. The payment gateway sends the payment to the payment processor once the payment details are verified.

Process Payment

The payment processor authorizes and completes the payment transaction after communicating with the user’s bank or payment provider. Now, the payment processor notifies the payment gateway of a confirmation message to the LMS platform.

Allow Course Access to User

Let your LMS admins grant access to users (learners) to the courses they have purchased or subscribed to, so that they can start their learning right away.

Multiple Timezone

Learning Experience beyond Timezones!

MapleLMS ensures that learners in different time zones have a seamless and flexible learning experience with Mulltiple Timezone support. Increase learner engagement, retention, and promote success of your learners wth ease.

Live Record Store

Set Time Zones in the LMS

Set up time zones in the LMS to adjust to the time zone of the user, ensuring that course availability and deadlines are adjusted accordingly. This helps learners avoid confusion and enables them to submit assignments and assessments on time, even if they are in a different time zone.

Course Availability Irrespective of Timezones

Enable course availability and access to learners to the training courses from the LMS at any time of the day. This helps learners in different time zones continue learning the course at the same time.

Schedule Live Sessions at Convenient Timings

Scheduling Live Sessions at timezones convenient to a global customer base or according to your audience helps them join and engage more with your organization. Rebroadcasting them also helps. This increases engagement and ROI.


Learners can communicate with peers and instructors across timezones using LMS communication tools, such as forums, chats, groups, or messaging systems. Learners feel more connected to the training course and their peers, despite the time zone differences.

Recorded Sessions

Record the Live Sessions and make them available to your learners. Post them in the LMS so that they can access the videos on-demand.

Multi-organization Support

Low-cost Scalable Learning Solutions at Best!

The LMS facilitates a flexible and customizable solution to meet the unique needs of each organization within a multi-tenant or multi-organization setup. It helps increase user adoption and engagement to ensure the success of the organizations and their learners.

Scalable Low Cost White-labelled Unlimited Support

Organization-specific LMS Customization

The LMS is customized to meet the specific needs of each organization. From branding, to course content, and user interface your organizations can have their own logos, colors, and themes. The course content can be tailored and white-labeled to meet your specific requirements.

User Management

Your LMS Administrators effortlessly manage users across the organization, create and manage user accounts, assign roles and permissions, and generate reports on user activity. It ensures enhanced user management with a scalable and low-cost LMS solution.

Course Management

You can set each organization within the LMS to have its own course catalogs and set its own pricing and payment options. Using the LMS enables organizations to create and manage their own courses, including new course creation, course content upload, and setting up course requirements and assessments.

Reporting and Analytics

Generate smart reports and analytics within the LMS for each organization on user activity and course performance. You can track user progress, course completion rates, and other important metrics and visualize them on the LMS dashboard.

Application Integration

Seamless integration capabilities with a wide range of applications, including HR systems, Association Management Software (AMS like Fonteva, Nimble, MemberClicks, and Protech), CRM systems, ERPs, storefronts, or payment gateways enable organizations to save time and increase efficiency. MapleLMS comes with out-of-the-box Salesforce integration.