Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

Empower your learners with a mobile-friendly learning platform that scales on every device. They can learn whenever and wherever they want.

Mobile-friendly Learning

On-the-go Learning on your Fingertips!

The MapleLMS mobile app supports mobile-first online and offline learning for users for quick access and an enhanced learning experience. The app is designed to offer asynchronous learning to offline users even without internet connectivity.

Anywhere Learning Quick Access Offline Learning

Customized Branding

Customize the LMS mobile app with your own branding for your brand identity or can be white-labeled. Let learners feel included and cared for when they learn on a branded app that showcases your brand identity.

Quick Access to Anywhere Learning

Learners can download the app on their iOS or Android devices and access the LMS content using their existing user ID and password. All their LMS learning data is visible right in the LMS app just like the web version.

Browse Courses Like a Pro

Learning on the mobile app is super convenient and it doesn’t require the learners to stay stuck to their computers all day. Let them browse courses they have access to, and view course materials including documents, presentations, and videos.

Participate in Course Activities

Enable learners to participate in a wide range of course activities, such as watching downloaded videos on-demand, taking quizzes, submitting assignments, participating in discussions, live classes using Zoom, chat participation, polls, surveys, and more!

Better Communication

Let learners communicate with their instructors and peers using the LMS mobile app through messaging features, chats, group discussions, and forum posts. Plus, access notifications and announcements related to new courses, assignment grading, submission deadlines, upcoming courses, and events on the app.

Offline Learning (iOS and Android)

Don’t Let Anything Stop the Learning!

MapleLMS ensures offline learning (asynchronous learning) on the branded iOS and Android mobile app, even without internet connectivity. Empower learners to continue learning anytime and anywhere, even when they are traveling or in poor internet zones.

Centralized Asynchronous Easy-to-use Personalized

On-demand Learning Content

Enable learners to download video courses, documents, and presentations, and then learn them at their convenience when they are in no internet coverage area.

Learning Data Synchronization

Let learners work on their assignments and save on the LMS app or learn the downloaded courses. As soon as they connect to the internet, all the course progress is synchronized to update the information on their profiles.

Ease of Use and Improved Accessibility

Any time anywhere, and offline accessibility offers ease to users. Less technical knowledge is required to navigate through the app.

Check Learning Progress and Grades

Help learners check their course and profile progress and view grades within each course for each assignment and quiz, badges, credits earned, certificates, overall grades, and leaderboard on the LMS mobile app.

Responsive On All Devices

Continue Learning on Any Device!

MapleLMS is responsive on all devices so that users can access it on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The LMS adapts to any device or screen size, ensuring that the content and interface of the LMS are accessible across devices.

Adaptive Organized Engaged Productive

Better User Experience for Improved Engagement

Improve the learning experience by
increasing learning engagement and course completion using the responsive mobile app. This improves learners’ performance over time and skills them up faster.

Better Productivity

Automated notifications keep the learners stay organized, and push them to be productive. They learn at their convenience and earn rewards, such as certifications, and badges that can be shared on social platforms.

Flexible Layouts

With a responsive design, the LMS App ensures flexible layouts that adjust according to the device's screen size. It helps the content gets displayed correctly in a readable format irrespective of the device type or size.

Device Detection

Auto-adjust the content depending on the specific device it is being accessed on. If it’s an iPhone, Android device, or tablet - the content is presented in a format optimized for that specific device type and screen size.

Adaptive Navigation

Let users access an adaptive navigation system that fits the device's screen size for better content accessibility for the learners.

Media Queries

Customize the LMS to fit different layouts and appearances, depending on the screen sizes, resolutions, and orientations using Media Queries. They help adjust the layout, font size, and other elements of the LMS based on the device's screen size.