Uplift Your Members’ Learning Experience With Salesforce-LMS Integration

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Organizations across the globe are relishing the true flavors of online learning. Pairing a learning management system (LMS) with Salesforce is witnessed as the primary to-do task when it comes to enhancing the learning platforms. Online learning platform experts claim that Salesforce-LMS integration is the future of learning management systems – worldwide. Especially if you have remote working employees or hiring new employees or onboarding members remotely, you might need pre-hiring assessment, onboarding, and post-hiring training, or upskilling the current teams – online learning simply tops the charts. Ranging from enhancing employees’ skills to improving overall productivity, this mode of learning is unbeatable. Moreover, when your association LMS is clubbed with Salesforce, its advanced features also help in streamlining the processes efficiently.

Over the years, Salesforce has been effective in terms of training delivery to sales representatives, HR personnel, and other employees of associations. But when clubbed with your LMS, Salesforce opens an all-new array of advanced features working at 100% capacity to improve employee performance, satisfaction, and retention. You can check out the following infographic for more details on LMS-Salesforce integration benefits:

A Salesforce integrated LMS lets you customize your training with a few clicks. Your sessions can also be upgraded as per learning requirements. You can explore MapleLMS to get a complete bouquet of end-to-end learning solutions. Our cloud-based platform is loaded with new-age features that help in delivering highly effective training for your employees. Our “anytime, anywhere, and on any device” learning module lets your members, employees, partners, and vendors access the training content at their own convenience. There are features like gamification for a better engaging ecosystem for every learner, where they can earn badges, leaderboards, certificates, and accreditations upon course completion.

  • Ranging from new user registration to course progress and certifications – all your user data can easily be synced into your LMS with Salesforce-LMS integration
  • MapleLMS also offers the AI-based feature of auto-enrolment, which is very useful for newly hired employees and members during the onboarding process. 
  • Salesforce enables single sign-on (SSO) for unified access to training content while the member/learner data gets synced into the LMS right from Salesforce or integrated association management software (AMS) like Fonteva with requisite learner data.
  • AI-proctoring promotes cheating-proof examinations with face recognition and candidate identification.
  • Non-dues revenue generation by branded mobile apps and white-labeled sites to sublicense LMS to partners and affiliates.
  • E-commerce for selling courses, training, and merchandise for additional income.

So, if you are looking for an improved learner experience within your organization, Salesforce-LMS Integration is the key that brings in an effective decision-making tool. MapleLMS would be a real catch if you are looking for the top learning management system.

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Salesforce Compatible LMS: Four Robust Methods to Improve Your Customer Training
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Salesforce Compatible LMS: Four Robust Methods to Improve Your Customer Training
Salesforce compatible LMS for learning and development success. Read here Learning Management Systems Integrated with Salesforce how to improve your customer training experience.
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