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LMS For Hospitality Training,

The hospitality industry faces regular challenges in recruiting and training its seasonal staff. As a result, it was seen that 86% of hospitality companies used e-learning solutions in 2019, as per the 2019 Trends in Hospitality Training & Development Study, TDn2K & Chart. 

This high-turnover industry is thus adopting hospitality training management systems in the current times to resolve the tough staff recruitment process. During the busy season, all the hotels, bar, and restaurant managers have to deal with a lot of staff for training and other times there is no to little staff to train.

The one-stop solution for the hospitality industry is using a cloud-based training management system such as LMS for hospitality training! In this article, you will learn:

  1. Anytime, Anywhere Training 
  2. Cost-effective Training 
  3. Multiple Location Training 
  4. Training Records to Maintain Compliance

Now, let’s begin!

LMS Offers Quicker Employee Induction and Hospitality Training

Hospitality businesses find it difficult to provide an efficient recruitment process so that the recruitment officers can train the seasonal staff without much pressure and hindering their full-time employees’ work throughout the year.

1. Anytime and Anywhere LMS Training on Mobile Devices

Most of the anytime anywhere LMS for hospitality industry is usually mobile-friendly and responsive on all types of devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This means your hospitality training programs will be available across all of these devices.

This LMS feature will help your employees to take the training using their own mobile devices whenever they are free or even during their travel to work. It gives them the freedom to train only during the working hours.

2. LMS for Hospitality Training on Mobile Devices Makes it Highly Cost-effective

It is very costly for businesses to recruit and train their employees, especially in the high staff turnover sector like Hospitality. The induction and training of the new staff takes a huge time and resources from the business. If employees choose not to stay for longer periods or seasonal staff, then they have to spend and repeat the whole recruitment process once again.

In this case, using a learning management system (LMS) can decrease up to 80% of the total costs in your induction, training, and onboarding as per the research.

When the automated LMS is implemented, you will only need to transfer your training content once and then use it each time new employees come in saving a great amount of time and money.

This applies even when you want to update your content, as it’s much less expensive than hiring trainers every time for new employees.

3. Deliver Effortless Multiple Location Training Using LMS for Hospitality

Training costs more when there are thousands of employees across many different locations for the businesses to deal with. When you use LMS for handling the training, it ensures the following things:

  • Makes training consistent and constant throughout the various locations while maintaining the service levels upgraded.
  • Provides online training via e-learning modules having interactive and engaging content to keep the employees interested.  
  • Tracks the employee training with details like employees who are taking training, count of how many of them completed it, and also of those who haven’t started yet.
  • Sends reminders or notifications to those employees who haven’t begun their training yet.
  • Keep the online training courses updated within the LMS to keep them related to your current business goals.

4. Maintenance of Compliance with the Help of Training Records

Employers in the hospitality sector have substantial compliance obligations to fulfill during the process of recruitment, training, and even in the induction of new staff. In order to keep up the pace with the changes in compliance and industry requirements, you need to use LMS to provide, store, and approve your employee training records. It ensures compliance with the industry rules and regulations.

  • It is simpler to meet compliance training deadlines when employees complete their training, anytime and from anywhere.
  • Through online distribution, the LMS for hospitality training makes implementing required compliance on health and safety or other issues very affordable.
  • Every employee’s training records are accessible via an online database.
  • Your compliance training material is always the most recent version since training changes can be made without incurring too much expense or effort.
  • Providing the necessary reports to regulatory bodies that distinctly show proof of training and the validation of learning for each specific employee is quick and simple.


In conclusion, the implementation of Learning Management Systems (LMS) is a sign of advancement and effectiveness in the dynamic hospitality sector. Most hospitality businesses nowadays use LMS systems due to the difficulties in hiring and educating seasonal staff as well as the necessity for affordable, reliable, and legal training. These solutions provide anytime, anywhere training on mobile devices, which is not only practical for staff but also very affordable for companies. 

We at MapleLMS, make it possible for training to be completed seamlessly across numerous locations, assuring uniformity and compliance. It makes it simpler to maintain training records, which makes it simpler to adhere to compliance deadlines. Our LMS for hospitality industry emerges as the ally in the fight to improve hospitality training management, streamlining procedures, cutting costs, and equipping the sector to take on personnel and training difficulties head-on. Take a free demo to see for yourself now!