AI Proctoring – Reduce your budget and physical exam conducting hassle

Proctored exams are becoming the norm nowadays. The deadly COVID-19 pandemic is sure to blame for this. Often stakeholders at decision-making roles in organizations often worry about the budget and hassle of conducting physical exams whereas AI-proctored ones, can significantly bring down both these issues. So, without further ado let’s explore the tremendous benefits and possibilities of AI-proctoring software for organizations across industry verticals.

How AI Proctoring Reduces Cost and Physical Exam Hassles?

Whether you are using a learning management system or planning for an independent proctoring tool for the online assessment of your stakeholders. Online proctoring services can add a lot of value to your budget and exam process efficiency. Here is how:

  • Cost-effectiveness:
  •       You don’t have to spend money on administration, logistics, the cost of booking a       venue, human resources, and a lot more when you pick an AI-proctoring tool for exams.       Smarter AI technology puts less stress on the human proctor and takes precise       decisions related to exam probity. It can accommodate more than 100K candidates at       once, saving a lot of money required for physical invigilation and test center expenses.
  • Conveyance Cost Reduced for Candidates:
  •      As the exam is taken on the candidates’ own premises there is no conveyance cost      associated with traveling to a test center. This saves the candidates money as well as      the organizations’ expenses for the invigilator. On top of that candidates are relaxed in      their own spaces to appear for the exam without any anxiety or stress of the test center      sessions.
  • Improved Security:
  •       AI-proctoring increases security and credibility and organizations don’t need to spend       on exam security exclusively like physical exams. It securely stores the exam data that       no one can forge or tamper with.
  • Improved Accuracy:
  •      AI-proctoring software precisely identifies dubious activities in comparison to humans.      Every malpractice or cheating is thoroughly observed and flagged by the proctoring      application for better assessment of candidates.
  • Better Data Transparency:
  •      The exam data is stored with the proctoring agency for reviewing the honesty of      candidates and audit purposes. No third party is going to access the data. This data      generates intelligent reports that feed analytics for improving exam experience in the      future through actionable insights.
  • Scalability:
  •      With great accuracy comes better assessment and efficiency to track the malpractice      patterns in candidates. The AI proctoring application is enhanced with more      sophisticated technologies to improve the scalability of online exams.

Apart from the above AI-proctoring programs ensure that organizations can do the following tasks:

  • Get better exam browser control during the exam and prevent cheating by locking the       computer screen
  • Establish two-way communication with the candidates in real-time
  • Remotely identify, verify, authenticate, and authorize the candidates’ identities and      scrutinize the surroundings
  • View the candidates’ exam setup through Live stream to authenticate the identity       through online web proctoring

How Does AI-proctoring Work?

AI proctoring involves Live proctoring where a certified human proctor and the AI tool keep vigilant eyes on the candidates so that they can’t cheat during the exam.

Automated proctoring:

The AI-enabled proctoring tool monitors the audiovisual inputs at the candidates’ side and controls the exam browser. The screen is locked to prevent opening another browser or copying or pasting any information to or from the exam screen. Apart from that, face recognition, voice recognition, flagging one face or multiple faces or no face, etc., are also possible with AI-proctoring.

Live Online Proctoring:

A certified human proctor through the candidates’ webcams keeps an eye on the exam session, candidates, and their surroundings. A human proctor using online webcam proctoring observes the candidates in real-time throughout the test. The proctor checks the surroundings before the exam and authenticates the candidates for the exam, once satisfied. Screen sharing for the proctor is also enabled on the candidates’ computer to keep a tab on the on-screen activities.

Review the Recorded Proctoring Sessions:

The entire exam session is recorded by the proctoring software. It is later manually reviewed to ensure that the candidates haven’t attempted any unethical means for giving the test. The video recording is also stored for audit purposes.

Now you must have got a brief idea about how AI-proctoring manages the budget to prevent you from burning a hole in your pocket and preventing the problems associated with test center exams. If you want to learn more about AI-proctoring then explore MapleLMS Online Examination Tool from MapleLMS. The above three features are available with MapleLMS Online Examination Tool. Stay tuned for more!

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