What Should you Expect from a Custom LMS Dashboard?

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Custom LMS Dashboard

An LMS is a must-have for any organization be it an association, a corporation, or a professional training organization. While picking out your LMS, don’t forget to checkout the LMS dashboard as it plays a key role in visualizing your LMS reporting and analytics. Your learning management system (LMS) should have a custom dashboard. Without a custom LMS dashboard filtering the LMS data and reports might become a challenge. Let’s explore more about the dashboards and see how it helps you access the right information from the LMS.


What is a Custom LMS Dashboard?

A customized LMS dashboard ensures learner engagement and displays information that is important and relevant to them. During information broadcasting, admins can arrange widgets to capture the learners’ attention. LMS dashboards are one of the most crucial tools essential for learner engagement.

What are the Themes for Learners within an LMS Dashboard?

The LMS dashboard can be available in the traditional dashboard and modern visual experience. The admin can pick the right theme for the LMS dashboard, depending on the course type, demographics, culture of the organization, nature of training (continuing learning or compliance-driven), etc., to meet the needs of the target audience.


Important Widgets for Custom LMS Dashboards:

A modern LMS enables you to customize the LMS dashboard as you require by managing the components and the look and feel of the learners’ dashboard. Admins can move the widgets around to allow learners to see items that are important to them.

For example, if an organization focuses on compliance then it can place the Expiring Certifications at the center of the main dashboard so that learners can take that up at the earliest without missing the deadline.

Here are a couple of components that admins can move around the dashboard:

  • Upcoming Courses
  • Announcements
  • Learners’ Progress Widget
  • Leaderboard
  • Expiring Certification
  • Particular Course Category Shortcuts

Moreover, administrators allow learners access to edit or configure their own dashboards. What else can be better than having a custom LMS dashboard designed by the learners?

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What Should you Expect from a Custom LMS Dashboard?
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What Should you Expect from a Custom LMS Dashboard?
When it comes to custom LMS dashboards it holds more than what you assume. From proper reporting to visualization and analytics dashboards are must-haves.
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