Top Key Features an Association Needs in a Learning Management System

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Stakeholders often worry about the revenue opportunities of their association as memberships, renewals, and fundraising can’t suffice the rising needs. Apart from that keeping the members and partners updated with the latest technologies and skills (for their career growth) get difficult with conventional modes of training. At such a crucial juncture top learning management systems bring a sigh of relief! Well, you might be wondering how to identify the suitable LMS for your association? Don’t lose heart!

We will explain a few of the top key features essential for an association LMS:
  • Learn-on-the-go with Offline and Online Training

    An ideal learning system for your association offers both online and on-demand learning anytime, anywhere, and on any device (including in-app learning without network connectivity).

  • Highly-scalable and Interactive Dashboard with Intuitive Reporting

    Course delivered through an interactive and easy-to-use interface – encourages better learning experience and higher participation. Advanced reporting and dashboards help gather learners’ data and analytics for actionable insights.

  • Out-of-the-box Integration

    Out-of-the-box integration with CRMs (like Salesforce) and AMS (Fonteva) helps in managing learner data and training effortlessly. Using Single Sign-On (SSO), instructors and learners are able to access content easily with LMS, CRM, or AMS without swapping systems and logins.

  • AI for Proctored Exams

    AI-proctored exams help associations deliver automated certifications using cheat-proof assessments. Face recognition, face logging, audio recognition, identity verification, video recording, etc. enable a sophisticated and secure assessment environment.

  • Gamified Learning

    Gamification allows learning with fun through social learning, and learners earn badges, leaderboards and credits on the suggested learning paths.

  • Continuing Learning

    Learners are able to enhance their skills and grow professionally by undergoing role/industry-specific training offered by an association LMS. AI-enabled learning ensures that learners are suggested with upcoming courses and certifications essential for their role. Course progress tracking and autogenerated certificates upon course completion empower the journey.

  • Non-dues Revenue with Branding and White-labeling

    Associations can offer branded mobile apps and white-labeled microsites to their partners and affiliates for LMS-sublicensing. It enhances the associations’ branding and brings home extra dollars as non-dues revenue.

  • Latest Content Authoring Tools and Editors

    Association LMS should support content authoring tools with SCORM, AICC, and xAPI standards for content creation using a wide range of multimedia-formats. Content tagging, bookmarking, etc. are available with these secure content authoring tools.

  • E-commerce enabled LMS for Content Reselling

    Apart from non-dues revenue with branding and white-labeling, you can sell on-demand content, off-the-shelf courses, instructor-led training, subscriptions, memberships, accreditations, certification programs, etc. applying group discounts and promo codes.

Learning management systems now are capable of empowering associations with a world of features to ensure that members and external learners get the best learning experience without any hassle. A trusted LMS is everything that an association would require to fulfill this need to learn and upgrade professionally. With numerous LMS options at hand, associations must not get overwhelmed and need to focus on these above-mentioned features while picking the right LMS for themselves. If you as an association are finding it tough to decide on the top learning management system then MapleLMS can be a great choice.


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