Top 5 Myths About Remote Proctoring: You Must Know

Virtualization of traditional in-person training is steadily being adopted by organizations, all thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. From pre-hiring assessments to hiring and employee onboarding, organizations are doing everything remotely using learning management systems (LMSs). This is beneficial for organizations as it saves an ample amount of time, money, and resources or person-hours. Well, now that the training part is covered, what about the post-training evaluation or certification assessment exams? Remote or online proctoring is a welcome relief in conducting such exams for cheating-free assessment. But a large number of users, both instructors and learners are skeptical about online proctored exams fearing data security and privacy issues. So, here we are today with 5 common myths and the Myth Busters on remote proctoring.

Remote Proctoring

Remote Proctoring Myths and Mythbusters:

  1. Remote Proctoring Endangers Candidates’ Privacy:

    Well, this is absolutely incorrect. No proctoring software invades candidates’ privacy. The human proctor only monitors candidates’ screens, surroundings, and behavior throughout the exam. The AI-enabled tool using the computer webcam does the same to prevent the candidates from accessing unethical means to take the test. Even during in-person exams at test centers, monitoring the candidates is done, so there is nothing to be scared of. And, the test center proctors keep hovering over your head throughout the exam. The proctored exams mention that no personal items should be lying around (photographs and stuff) or anyone except the candidate present in the room to ensure that privacy is intact. The candidates can choose any room in the house to take up the exams – where it’s well-lit and noise-free for a calm and hassle-free exam experience.

  2. Candidates’ System is Accessible to the Proctoring System Even After the Exam:

    Again, this one is also a myth. Remote proctoring software stops recording the candidates’ screen and activities through webcam proctoring right after the proctored exam ends. It logs faces, and locks the browsers, search engines, etc., only during the exam. So, organizations can adopt these online proctoring services without worrying about this myth. Remote human proctoring and live proctoring are done throughout the exam duration.

  3. Risk of Misuse and Security of Testing Data:

    Today, user data is a goldmine for businesses. Some misuse the data and make users vulnerable. But online or AI-proctoring exam data is securely stored with organizations conducting the exam for future audit purposes and user experience analytics. This data including video recordings of exams are used to review the proctored session to ensure probity and honesty during the exam. Candidates should not worry about their exam data being misused by the proctoring organization.

  4. Remote Proctoring is a Snooping, Invasive Technology:

    Proctoring companies don’t do surveillance or snoop around candidates’ systems. They allow candidates to appear in exams in a secure environment and have certified human proctors to keep an eye on to prevent cheating. The proctoring application asks for the candidates’ permission before launching the program and at every step whenever the candidates’ data is entered. The candidate is well aware of the way this data will be used. As soon as the exam gets over, the proctoring software will be disabled to record, monitor, or block anything on your screen. Moreover, it only sees what’s on your screen and can’t see the data saved on your computer or alter it.

  5. AI and False Flags Accuse Honest Candidates of Cheating:

    This is not true. AI technology reads human behavior and raises flags accordingly. But there are certified human proctors who can verify the fact and get things going. Moreover, the proctoring exam is also recorded, so anytime the reviewers can go through the recording and double-check what exactly happened. AI is used to prevent any kind of smart cheating method and not to cause inconvenience to the candidates. It supports candidates with special needs and their behavior in exams. It can also recognize non-white faces and faces with darker skin tones to avoid no face flagging.

MapleLMS brings you a world of amazing proctored exam solutions. Hope this blog helps you burst all your online proctoring-related myths. If you have more myths that you need to check, reach out to us and explore MapleLMS. We will be happy to help you!


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