6 Effective Strategies to Enhance Employee Onboarding Using an LMS

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Employee Onboarding Using an LMS

The process of training new hires on the skills and processes required to succeed in their position is known as onboarding. The quicker your team members can contribute significantly to the company, the better your onboarding procedure will be.

There are more advantages to onboarding than that. If you want the talent you’ve selected to stay with your organization, onboarding is crucial. Within the first 45 days of employment, approximately 20% of staff turnover occurs; yet, research indicates that effective onboarding procedures can boost employee retention by 82%.

Recruiting enables you to locate and select the talent required to support the expansion of your business. Through onboarding, you can retain that talent longer and provide them with the training sessions they need to succeed. It’s now time to concentrate on ways to make the onboarding procedure better. Here are six practical ways you can use corporate learning management systems (LMS) to improve employee onboarding.

1. Begin Employee Onboarding Process Prior to their Start Date

A new job can be nerve-wracking in the lead-up, and prospective employees are frequently unsure of what to anticipate. This worry may be much more in remote roles. Telling your staff what to anticipate over their first few days will help to calm their anxieties.

But there is a word of caution with this advice. Your new hires shouldn’t be expected to “work” before their scheduled start date. To show that you appreciate their spare time, make it apparent that the material using an elearning platform is being provided for their benefit.

2. Prepare Their Workspace in Advance

When a new hire shows up for their first day of work and discover they haven’t even been given a desk yet, nothing makes them feel more unwanted than this. It sends a message that you are disorganized and don’t think your staff members are important. Not appealing.

Rather, consider all the things your new team member will require on their first day and make sure everything is prepared the day before. This might contain a real desk, chair, ID, and even stationery for employees who work in offices.

For remote workers, don’t skip this step either. Set up an email to be sent automatically an hour or so before they are due online, and make sure they have their login information ready in advance that can be easily done by an LMS platform. Make sure the hardware arrives before their first day if you are providing it.

3. Select the Right Training Course

For the most part, most jobs call for some level of training. Many employees spend the first several weeks of a new job attending training after training. That’s normal and significant, but make sure you’re just giving them the training they actually require.

Everyone will be required to undergo some training, such as an explanation of the company’s policy regarding harassment and bullying. Beyond this, consider carefully what knowledge and skills your new employee will require to begin working.

A training program within an LMS platform with a clear emphasis demonstrates to your staff that you have considered their needs and how you can support them in meeting them. Staff members will feel appreciated and understood if you personalize the onboarding process in this way.

4. Adopt a Long-Term Onboarding Strategy

In reality, onboarding shouldn’t be temporary. It doesn’t have to be. The greatest onboarding procedures flow naturally into continuing training and development goals for employees. Think about putting together an onboarding program for a new hire’s first year of employment. What lessons do you want them to acquire?

Putting money into an employee’s professional and personal growth is a crucial method to let them know they are valued. A one-year onboarding strategy for new hires demonstrates your commitment to providing them with regular support and assisting them in developing in their position.

An extended onboarding procedure also contributes to the creation of a learning and growth culture in your company. Employees are more self-motivated learners and are used to picking up new abilities. If the onboarding software and professional development materials are run on the same platform, this is quite effective.

5. Employ Clear Metrics

Monitoring the onboarding process of your staff members is crucial for seeing possible issues early on and assessing how well your procedures are working. Employ an onboarding strategy that facilitates your ability to assess the knowledge and skills your team has gained.

Tests or quizzes may be used to verify comprehension of important material and to record the accomplishment of particular onboarding activities. Assuring your new hires that they’re on track might be accomplished by setting milestones or anticipated finish dates.

Make the most of this data to enhance your training materials and ensure your employees have the onboarding experience you desire.

6. Listen Attentively to Your Staff

Regardless of the quality of your onboarding procedure, it can always be enhanced using an LMS platform. Your most recent personnel are in a great position to offer insightful criticism and point out areas that need work.

Select the Best LMS Platform to Simplify the Onboarding Process

It’s obvious that optimizing team member performance requires a well-designed onboarding procedure. It may also appear to take a lot of work. Fortunately, with the best LMS platform, streamlining your onboarding procedure is simple.

A top LMS is flexible and may be precisely customized to meet the requirements of your company. With just one straightforward system, you’ll be able to track employee performance, add or remove a training course that’s assigned to particular staff members or positions, and even compile feedback.

 By incorporating these strategies into your onboarding process, you can ensure a smooth transition for your new hires, helping them become productive team members faster and increasing their likelihood of long-term retention. Get in touch with our industry experts to learn how to improve the onboarding process using MapleLMS.