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Partnering with us would help you to integrate our solutions into your existing business applications for delivering innovations to your clients. This partnership will help in providing added value to the customers and push market expansion. Our connectors and API of applications facilitate LMS users to streamline onboarding processes, monitor progress and engagement, data transfer between MapleLMS & online exam platform, and other applications like SIS, AMS/EMS, HRIS, CRM, ERP, etc.

MapleLMS enables our partners to offer their clients a robust cloud-based, innovative, secure, intelligent, and easy-to-use learning management system. MapleLMS also offers an Online Exam platform for conducting cheating-free AI-proctored exams to their clients.

Our Partners

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MapleLMS and Salesforce integration leverages the capabilities of the employees, members, partners, and vendors training at their best. Learners can access courses from Salesforce while stakeholders can monitor progress and visualize the learning data reports on Salesforce dashboards.

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MapleLMS is a Salesforce LMS that ensures seamless Fonteva integration to streamline member experience and generate non-dues revenue. Fonteva and MapleLMS integration transforms the learning experience with interactive courses, content authoring, and a huge course library.

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Enable your learners to explore off-the-shelf courses from a wide range of topics within the LMS. BizLibrary integration with MapleLMS helps your members and employees to access the courses within the LMS.

Shopify integration


MapleLMS and Shopify integration brings more value to the learning experience for staff and members. They are able to view the course catalogs, make purchases, and apply discounts and coupons (role-based benefits), while organizations earn additional revenue (non-dues by associations) by selling courses and sublicensing white-labeled LMS to partners and affiliates.



MapleLMS and MemberClicks AMS integration enhances the member learning experience like never before. Associations can leverage their Learning & Development with the right support to continuing learning, certification, and supporting the growth of members and staff. From training courses to learning progress, insights, and analytics and reporting, everything can be visualized on MapleLMS or MemberClicks dashboard.

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MapleLMS and Protech AMS integration leverages the learning experience of association staff, members, and partners. AMS data can be written back to the LMS to ensure proper progress monitoring and tracking using the reports on LMS dashboards.



MapleLMS and iMIS integration improve member experiences by automating operations and streamlining association’s workflows. This integration keep up the learning data accuracy through a two-way data mapping, encourages continuing learning, and facilitates non-dues revenue generation. Both administrators and members can access reporting and analytics, which promotes growth and member engagement.



MapleLMS’s integration with Personify helps increase the association’s efficiency. It ensures that members have unified access, automated enrollment, and seamless data exchange. Boost administration, simplify e-commerce, and improve member education to achieve strong growth.



MapleLMS and Aptify Integration enhance member engagement, automate the learning process, and streamline association management. Take advantage of the extensive MapleLMS features like robust analytics, personalized learning paths, and seamless data exchange for better certification management and more opportunities for non-due revenue generation. Increase member retention and satisfaction with this all-inclusive Aptify – MapleLMS integration.



Impexium and MapleLMS integration through data synchronization provides unified access to training materials and improves member experience. This integration helps in optimizing the association’s operations and offers advantages like easy access, effective data management, better reporting, automated procedures, and increased member engagement. Through the use of API connections, the integration allows MapleLMS users to track member progress.


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