MapleLMS-BizLibrary Integration

MapleLMS and BizLibrary Integration: Enrich Employee Training with an Industry Compliant, Rich Course Library

MapleLMS comes bundled with 10K plus BizLibrary courses. BizLibrary LMS integration helps organizations have a rich content library right within the LMS platform. Learners can access industry-specific compliance training courses for a diverse range of industries. Organizations get ample time to focus on improving their user experience while MapleLMS and BizLibrary integration delivers a vast library of off-the-shelf courses. Organizations can focus on training delivery with MapleLMS rather than course creation. Users who subscribe to BizLibrary courses can access the same BizLibrary courses using the LMS login at no additional cost.

Some salient outcomes of this integration:

Start Training Right Away

Focus on skilling up your employees and members without diving into the rigorous task of content creation. BizLibrary saves your time with MapleLMS integration. The huge course library practically covers course topics across industries. Multiple course formats including quizzes and questionnaires are available with BizLibrary. SCORM-supported courses make the courses interoperable and improve course analytics.

Compliance Training with Ease

Every month new courses on business skills, HR compliance, leadership and management, software, sales and service, information technology, workplace safety covering Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and other topics are added to BizLibrary. The courses are constantly updated, plus you can customize the course content to suit your specific needs. It helps your employees and members stay abreast with the latest compliance training.

Online Training
One Click Learning

One-Click Solution

Employees or members just subscribe to any BizLibrary courses and then access them on the MapleLMS platform with a single click. A mobile-friendly gamified LMS platform plus a mobile-optimized course library ensures faster learning and knowledge retention. MapleLMS supports both online and offline learning on the mobile app.

AI-driven Continuing Education

MapleLMS and BizLibrary integration takes online learning a step ahead with AI-driven continuing learning. Learners with an active BizLibrary subscription can receive course suggestions through AI-based learning paths. At the same time, LMS admins and decision-makers can outline courses for learners based on their learning preferences and job roles.

eCommerce for Course Purchase

Learners can use the eCommerce storefront readily available with MapleLMS to purchase courses from BizLibrary. They can directly subscribe to the courses on BizLibrary and access them using the LMS platform. You can do more on the MapleLMS eCommerce platform with Shopify integration to display catalogs, sell courses, merchandise, event registrations, etc.

Employee Training at your Fingertips

MapleLMS and BizLibrary integration empowers employees’ core skill development with the right training content. You can create SCORM/AICC/xAPI content from scratch on MapleLMS or use the available BizLibrary content to train your employees with business skills, HR compliance, workplace safety, software, leadership and management, IT, sales and service, and a lot more. MapleLMS helps you assign, track, deliver, and report on employee training as well as course content performance.

MaplelMS Reporting and Dashboard

Two-Way Activity and Data Mapping

With MapleLMS-BizLibrary integration, learners’ data related to BizLibrary can be accessed on MaplePLS. Data is written back from BizLibrary to MapleLMS upon course completion, once the assessment is done and credits are awarded to the learners. At the end of the course, MapleLMS auto-generates a certificate that learners can view and download.

Reporting and Dashboard

Learners’ performance metrics and progress can be viewed using reports and dashboards on MapleLMS. BizLibrary course progress and performance can also be viewed the same way on MapleLMS. The administrators can understand the learners’ learning patterns, most popular or least favorite courses, or courses with the highest rates of completion. The management can view the revenue earned through courses, for a specific month or year. 50 plus pre-built report types and customizable reports make reporting and analytics a cakewalk with MapleLMS.

Non-dues Revenue

Association organizations can generate non-dues revenue using MapleLMS BizLibrary integration. Learners can purchase the BizLibrary courses using the LMS eCommerce platform. Associations can sell courses, merchandise, and event registrations to earn non-dues revenue as an additional source of revenue.


BizLibrary and MapleLMS integration enhances employee, member, and vendor training without costing a fortune. BizLibrary HRCI courses can be easily delivered to learners using the MapleLMS platform. Member and employee training using BizLibrary courses require no additional logins or expenses. Subscribing to any course on BizLibrary makes it available on the MapleLMS interface.

Non-dues revenue generation

MapleLMS Fonteva Integration Demo

This demo video captures the user journey from Fonteva to MapleLMS, member experience, two-way real-time data synchronization, MapleLMS data write back to Fonteva, reporting, and dashboards. This demo video also captures assessment and certification integration with face match authentication, controlled exam environment, and AI/Remote proctoring.
Step-by-step walk-through of how the Fonteva LMS integration works.


The learning experience is improved by the seamless integration of MapleLMS with the top content library, BizLibrary. With this integration, organizations can access comprehensive courses that combine the best features of both platforms.
Of course! With its smooth integration with BizLibrary, MapleLMS gives users access to a single platform for courses across a range of industries.
Integrating the robust features of BizLibrary and MapleLMS, the integration simplifies educational initiatives. It improves organizational efficiency and streamlines procedures by providing a large library of pre-made courses.
The design of the integration prioritizes the user experience. BizLibrary courses within MapleLMS are easy to navigate for users due to intuitive interfaces and smooth workflows, making an efficient and productive learning environment.
Yes, MapleLMS offers specialized technical support to handle any questions or challenges associated with the integration of BizLibrary. Our staff is dedicated to giving users a smooth and effective experience.

MapleLMS makes BizLibrary access with LMS login a seamless process. Apart from course access, MapleLMS comes with course analytics, learning reports and analytics, and interoperability across devices to ensure a seamless learning experience. Organizations can get BizLibrary integration with MapleLMS to have a fully-fledged Salesforce LMS that offers a smooth learning experience for their employees and members.