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LMS Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Amazing User Experience and Effective Training

Microsoft Dynamics is one of the popular CRMs now integrated with MapleLMS to increase operational efficiency for customer experiences. MapleLMS and Microsoft Dynamics integration is serving as a unified platform with all the great features of the LMS and the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics. This integration with the best cloud-based LMS makes it worth exploring the benefits it provides.

So, now let’s explore the key takeaways of the MapleLMS and Microsoft Dynamics integration:

Quick Onboarding of Users

The onboarding process for learners (employees and members) is streamlined by the integration of Microsoft Dynamics and MapleLMS. The relevant data is used to grant them access to the LMS training materials as soon as their Dynamics IDs are created. Users receive recommendations for their learning paths and are automatically enrolled in the appropriate role-based training programs.

Tailored Learning Experience

New courses covering information technology, software, sales and service, HR compliance, leadership and management, workplace safety (including Occupational Safety and Health Administration; OSHA), and other subjects are added to BizLibrary on a monthly basis within MapleLMS. You can alter the course material to meet your unique needs, and the courses are updated on a regular basis. It assists in keeping your staff and members up to date on the most recent compliance training.


Acquire Real-Time Analytics

A business can be made or destroyed by its analytics. Get comprehensive insights into your learning data by synchronizing it with the Microsoft Dynamics profiles of your learners. For updated LMS analytics, display the LMS data to your stakeholders on the Microsoft Dynamics dashboard.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

The LMS training materials are easily accessible to Microsoft Dynamics users without requiring a login. To provide two-way synchronized data, the employee, member, or partner information is automatically synchronized with the LMS. No more siloed Microsoft Dynamics systems and training. You can access centralized training data easily!

Microsoft Dynamics LMS Integration for Compliance with LMS Audits

By integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM with MapleLMS, you can maintain compliance with your system’s audit requirements. Integration imports all relevant partner, customer, and employee data from Microsoft Dynamics to the LMS, which is crucial for audit prospects.

Streamlined Training

Training on products and services is crucial for your partners, customers, employees, and members. The LMS integration with Microsoft Dynamics helps you plan future training programs by streamlining the training process and allowing you to monitor users’ learning progress, certifications earned, compliance met, and more.

eCommerce-enabled Solutions

Make some extra money by utilizing the integrated eCommerce system. For a single source of truth, the LMS integration with Microsoft Dynamics makes sure that all course and merchandise sales, transactions, and inventory data are two-way synchronized. By using the eCommerce storefront to sell merchandise and courses, associations can generate non-dues revenue.

Earning Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)

Earned CEUs allow learners to update their Microsoft Dynamics LMS profile. The learners’ profile shows the points, badges, and certificates they have earned. The learning process can be tailored with the use of data and analytics.

Social Learning for Everyone

By exposing learners (employees or members) to additional channels, social learning facilitates knowledge exchange and project collaboration through the use of social media, communities,, Slack, community groups, polls, surveys, chats, and emails. It promotes communication between learners and instructors as well as between peers.

Auto-User Creation for Course Enrollment

Reduce the possibility of duplicate data because users (typically members) are automatically created when they enroll for a course. The Microsoft Dynamics and LMS systems’ information are in sync with one another.

Effective Case Management

When representatives complete the necessary training at their convenience, they remain up to date on the most recent advancements in the processes. Now that Microsoft Dynamics has stage-wise training programs integrated with the LMS, they can close deals and handle customer issues more quickly. To self-support and address issues, support teams use the LMS training provided by knowledgeful articles.

Social learning
MapleLMS - Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Features of Microsoft Dynamics and MapleLMS Integration for You!

AI-Suggested Training Courses

Using AI capabilities, the Microsoft Dynamics and LMS integration suggests training courses to users based on their roles, learning preferences, and interests. Microsoft Dynamics product-tied training recommends relevant courses that users can take on their own to address issues on their own and resolve cases.

Access LMS Reports via the Microsoft Dynamics Dashboard

It can be difficult to manage LMS analytics and reports on two different systems. All of the reports are pulled in via LMS integration with Microsoft Dynamics, and you can see the analytics directly on the Microsoft Dynamics dashboard. It is not necessary for stakeholders to log in to the LMS!

Single Source of Truth

The integration of MapleLMS with Microsoft Dynamics synchronizes all of the learning data between the two platforms. A centralized and transparent view is provided by the mapping of personal data such as name and address to learning credits, progress, certifications, badges, and enrolled courses.

Pre-owned Course Library

With MapleLMS, your learners can access over 10,000 pre-made courses directly within the Microsoft Dynamics LMS integrated system. To improve your workforce and member base, these courses are appropriate for HR, sales, support, IT, and software training, as well as compliance training.

Microsites for Tailored Learning Experiences

Personalized learning can be made available to your association staff and members through microsites accessible through Microsoft Dynamics. To provide a feeling of community and belonging, these microsites can be branded with a theme, logo, and content specific to the region, department, roster, or community to which users belong.

Microsoft Dynamics Dashboard's LMS Reporting

LMS reports are added to the Microsoft Dynamics dashboard through Microsoft Dynamics integration. Without logging into the LMS, stakeholders can view aggregated reports on the Microsoft Dynamics dashboard. Microsoft Dynamics is the only source of truth since a single login provides transparency and clarity in user learning and progression data.


Yes, MapleLMS offers a seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, including Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations ERP systems.
Not all LMSs offer seamless integration with Dynamics. Only platforms with pre-built connectors or APIs are specifically designed for Dynamics integration and MapleLMS is the perfect for that!

The following are the benefits of integrating Microsoft Dynamics with MapleLMS:

  • Seamless Member Experience: Automatically enroll employees in relevant courses based on their roles or needs.
  • Improved Data Management: Eliminate manual data entry by syncing user information between systems.
  • Enhanced Reporting and Analytics: Gain insights into training completion rates and impact on sales performance or customer satisfaction through visual reports.
  • Personalized Learning: Deliver customized training based on learners’ individual needs and requirements.
  • Unified Platform: Allow employees to access and track the learning process directly within their familiar Dynamics environment.

Typically, user information (name, department, role), sales data, customer data, and training completion records are synced between these platforms. MapleLMS also sends information like course data, course credits, and learner’s progress to the Dynamics platform.
MapleLMS offers a user-friendly interface and pre-configured settings for easy integration with Dynamics. Additionally, dedicated support resources are available to assist with the setup process.