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Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

What is a Learning Experience Platform (LXP)?

An LXP makes content recommendations to users based on artificial intelligence (AI), including internet videos, documents, blog posts, and articles from third parties. Through the best learning experience platforms, personalized employee learning is made possible by AI and is based on users’ stated goals, previous activities, and assumed learning preferences.

A Learning Experience That Spreads Knowledge and Expertise

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Desktop Web Browser

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Android/iOS Mobile Apps

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Foundational Elements for Creating Effective Learning Experiences

Home Page

The homepage, before login, invites users to read about your mission, company, and learning offerings.

Landing Page

Learners are invited to view new, trending, and recommended content on your landing page after login.

Learning Catalog

An accessible, searchable list of the courses that are offered.

Events Calendar

View a schedule of past and upcoming events. The calendar view offers a summary of events in the classroom in visual form.

Video Library

A searchable video gallery with categories.

My Learning

A customized learning path with courses arranged according to topics, skills, deadlines, and more.

Community Forums

A list of interactions that learners can examine, add topics to, and comment on.


Gives learners the ability to see their progress, deadlines, wish lists, past courses, and more.

Direct Chat

Look for peers and experts. Make connections, chat, and share knowledge.

Evaluation of Progress

A list of fulfilled courses and certificates that can be exported.

Social Learning

Learners have the opportunity to interact with instructors and peers, exchange experiences and knowledge, work together on projects, and learn as a group.

External courses and eLearning Standards

Incorporate any completed courses from external sources or third-party websites.


Utilize the competency matrix found in the LMS to assess your team's performance

Course Assignments

Give the administrator the ability to allocate courses to specific users, a group of users, or both based on their roles.


Learners can receive personalized recommendations for courses, assessments, and other learning activities through the AI-suggested learning paths.

Cloud-based MapleLMS LXP Learning Platform

Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

Anywhere, Anytime, and at Any Device is How Learning is Delivered by MapleLMS Learning Experience Platform

Our diverse group of learning, user interface, and experience designers assist you in making the most of our simple-to-configure system to create a unique learning experience.