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Gig Worker Training On-the-Go

Industries are swiftly moving from conventional job opportunities towards gig work as digitization became the norm. You must be wondering, what is gig work and how it’s gaining popularity? Contract employees or freelancers can be considered gig working people who are not bound by a full-time contract with any organization. These flexible work arrangements are popular with gig economy players like Uber, Airbnb, and Lyft. This kind of work setup usually involves working from home and side gigs training. The following issues prevent gig workers from achieving their best:

  • Gig workers lack proper product knowledge
  • They are unaware of brand guidelines
  • Unstable internet connectivity
  • Poor compliance protocols
  • Lack of awareness to keep the brand promise and value intact
  • Poor coordination between teams and staff to carry out projects
  • Field staff finding it difficult to attend training

Training gig workers with a reliable LMS system can easily resolve this issue and help organizations streamline their processes and increase productivity.


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Gig economy training for independent workers and freelancers:

Automated Process

Our innovative LMS integration system will effectively help you in automating repetitive tasks. Get hassle-free administration for your employee training and development where you can automatically grade tests with assignments.


Effortlessly track trainees’ course completions and assignments, view & analyze the stages of course completion. Send reminders to your employees for finishing the assignments timely.

How MapleLMS impacts Gig Worker Training?

Train Anywhere, Anytime, and on Any Device

MapleLMS allows anywhere, anytime, and any device training so that gig workers can get trained from anywhere.

Interactive Learning

Create interactive training resources that include videos, text, audio, quizzes, and surveys for an engaging and immersive learning experience.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and analytics offer actionable insights into the training courses. Know the most popular and least favorite ones to enhance the training experience.

Automated Notifications and Reminders

Course commencement, registration, assessment dates, fee payment deadlines, and other training-related information and reminders are emailed to gig workers automatically.

Secure and Highly Scalable

Manage and deliver training for any number of gig workers without any hassle. MapleLMS scales as per your changing needs within an SSL-secured environment.

AI-driven Continuing Education

AI technology suggests learning paths for continuing education depending on the gig workers’ roles - for their professional growth. The learning data is accessible on the LMS dashboard.

Off-the-shelf Content Library

BizLibrary integration brings 10K plus off-the-shelf courses that you can use to train your gig working workforce. Offer courses on business skills to compliance, HR, IT, and a lot more.

eCommerce and White-labeled LMS

The built-in eCommerce module with payment gateway and shopping cart makes course selling easier. Sub-license white-labeled LMS to partners and affiliates, and branded mobile apps for gig worker training.


Gig Worker Training Software’s Learning Management System (LMS) functions as a central hub for producing, distributing, and overseeing training materials. It ensures gig workers receive training that is simplified and effective.

With the use of the LMS’s content development tools, administrators can create engaging training materials, assessments, and quizzes. Organizations are empowered to customize material for particular gig roles due to this intuitive interface.

Yes, the LMS has strong reporting and analytics functions. Employers can evaluate the efficacy of the training program by using the data it provides on completion rates, quiz scores, and overall engagement, which it tracks for gig workers.

Certainly. Because the LMS is made to be remotely accessible, freelancers can access training materials from any location with an internet connection. The many work conditions that gig workers encounter are catered to by this flexibility.

Yes, the LMS and current HR systems interface integrate effortlessly. By ensuring that training data and employee records are in sync, this integration offers a thorough understanding of the onboarding and training of gig workers.