How to measure the impacts of training using a Salesforce LMS?

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How to measure the impacts of training using a Salesforce LMS?

How to measure the impacts of training using a Salesforce LMS?

Do you know what are the advantages of replacing the conventional LMS with Salesforce LMS?

It is crucial to measure the impact of Salesforce LMS to determine new achievements with improvements in the productivity levels of the workforce.

Are you facing the following challenges in measuring LMS effectiveness?

No Accessible Data to Track Learner’s Progress
Lack of Alignment in Defining Learning Goals
Defining Training Metrics
No Built-in Data Analysis Tools
Poor Data Quality

If your answer is a ‘YES’ to most of the above points, then we recommend you to attend our webinar “How to measure the impacts of training with a Salesforce LMS” on Wednesday, February 15, 2023, at 1.00 PM ET.

Our Relationship Director Matt Peterson will guide you through the challenges of measuring the training impact of a conventional LMS in training and how to overcome them with a SalesforceLMS.

Here are the highlights:

Identify Areas for Improvement
Comparison between Old Training Platform Vs. Salesforce LMS
Financial savings analysis (ROI) to see if it Saved Costs
Resource savings analysis to see if it Reduced Required Training Resources
Evaluate the Effectiveness of learning improvements
Align Learning Programs with Business Objectives
Improve Learner Engagement
Promote Continuous Improvement
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Join us to know more about metrics of measuring the effectiveness of SalesforceLMS!

Who it is meant for:

L&D Managers
Education Directors, Managers, and Coordinators
Chief Executive Officers (CEOs)
Chief Technology Officers (CTOs)
Chief Information Officers (CIOs)
IT Directors
LMS Managers/Directors
Marketing Directors
Membership Directors
Instructional Designers
Hiring Managers

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Customer Training Manager

Avin is the Customer Training Manager with MapleLMS and ensures that the best learning experience is delivered to our customers. Avin exclusively takes care of the customer training and support needs. He works with North American associations and non-profit organizations. Avin helps them in developing their learning strategy using the robust features of MapleLMS. He has more than 6 years of experience in SaaS-based solutions and products. Avin enjoys traveling, going on road trips, and music, apart from work.

Matt Peterson
Matt Peterson

Relationship Director

Matt Peterson is a Relationship Director with MapleLMS. Matt manages new and existing relationships and uses his consultative skills to find the best solutions for his client’s learning and professional development strategies. Matt has learned how to match needs with services through his 35 years in the hospitality business and 25 years in events. He works with North American associations and non-profit organizations to develop their learning strategy by using all of MapleLMS’s sweet features. Success for Matt is a delighted client. Matt holds certifications as Learning Environment Specialist and Certified Meeting Professional. Matt grew up in Northwestern Pennsylvania but has called Northern Virginia home since 1994. He enjoys camping, kayaking, traveling, and cooking in his free time. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management from Penn State University.