MapleLMS Received SOC Type 2 Compliance Certification by AICPA

SOC type 2 news MapleLMS

BETHESDA, MD – February 17, 2024: MapleLMS, the best Salesforce integrated learning platform, announced today as being SOC Type 2 Compliant by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA). The Certification for SOC 2 is provided by external auditors and is very crucial for LMS providers being completely voluntary.

“We are glad to showcase our dedication towards protecting our client’s privacy and data over our dedicated customized LMS systems that our customers are using and now this compliance is setting a standard for it,” said Mr. Pramil Verma, COO of MapleLMS. He added, “This standard is hard to count by many in the LMS companies due to – the difficult procedure of passing the SOC Type 2 Compliance examination around Security, Availability, and Confidentiality. Now our clients are trusting us more than ever. We proudly showcase MapleLMS’s stronger data security equilibrium than its competitors.”

MapleLMS is diligent in safeguarding and protecting personal information and is committed to fulfilling all the SOC 2 Type 2 examination standards and will continue to do so over the coming years. This certification is just the reflection of continuous efforts and practices followed by MapleLMS to mark this point in keeping customers’ LMS data safe.

To read more about SOC Type 2 compliance achieved by MapleLMS, go to their SOC Type 2 Compliance page.

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MapleLMS is a number 1 Ranked Salesforce LMS on Appexchange under the LMS category. With MapleLMS’s customizable learning platform, many associations, nonprofits, healthcare businesses, corporates, and many other organizations are taking advantage of their learning technology, content creation, versatile training, and gamified features causing learners’ retention for longer periods. MapleLMS is now protecting its customers’ data even more securely. Learn why people love MapleLMS by reading their reviews – visit our Appexchange page.