MapleLMS Acknowledged as one of the Highest Rated Software for the second consecutive year by the Software Suggest

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BETHESDA, MD – January 24, 2024: MapleLMS, the top-rated Salesforce integrated learning platform, announced today as one of the Highest Rated under the Software category by Software Suggest for the second consecutive year that particularly emphasizes the learning technology and the innovative features it provides. They were also recognized as the Customer’s Choice and Great User Experience in the 2023 year by the Software Suggest.

“We are proud to be executing the best possible features and functionalities for our customers who are using our learning platform and glad that they liked using them,” said Avin, Customer Training Manager, MapleLMS. He further added, “We are continuously working towards upgrading our processes, programs, modalities, strategies, and tools to meet the regularly updated requirements of our customers in this fast-changing arena. Our e-learning solutions are always designed to fulfill the learning needs of our clients while staying in line with the evolved education programs.”

MapleLMS has also received many other accolades and awards from Software Suggest till this year since 2021 in various other categories. They include the following:

  • User Most Likely to Recommend (2021)
  • Most Affordable (2021)
  • Best Value Software (2022)
  • Trending (2022)

Avin, Customer Training Manager of MapleLMS appreciated the team efforts while receiving these awards on behalf of the company and mentioned, “Our team is very meticulous in their efforts towards fulfilling the needs of our customers and winning these awards showcases their commitment to customer satisfaction, quality learning services, and innovative functionalities they are bringing to the table every time. They are diligent in their on-time delivery of state-of-the-art solutions for all the changing requirements of the clients that drive positive outcomes in their learning process – which eventually got recognized in all these years.”

Learn more about MapleLMS, a Salesforce-integrated learning platform, and check out their Products Page.

About MapleLMS

MapleLMS is a number 1 Ranked Salesforce LMS on Appexchange under the LMS category. With MapleLMS’s customizable learning platform, many associations, nonprofits, healthcare businesses, corporates, and many other organizations are taking advantage of their learning technology, content creation, versatile training, and gamified features causing learners’ retention for longer periods.

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